The Office Ghost

The Office Ghost

I miss her most miserably.

No more Jemila to steal looks at

nor stare and drink in her fresh beauty;

holding an imaginary brush

to etch a sketch of her fine features in me

as she squints at the papers on her desk,

sorting assigned tasks that may not be timely done.


The shine she exudes lighted all.

But the brilliance once mine now fades fast

and gloom regains conquest hungrily.

Time returned to once known painful bore,

life becoming devoid of meaning I recently held.

Eventually, her joy I once enjoyed

became my return ticket to zombie land.


As her departure drew closer

I drew back into my shell,

where her mirth had found and drawn me out.

Only my mind and soul knew what I was going through,

and nothing could soothe their grief

even as they sought distractions away from my crush

to fill that killing emptiness of her absence.


They did everything for my cheer

but Facebook, Google, Twitter, and all

lacked the humor and tinkling of her laughter

which rings out clear like scattering rain in sunshine:

the first thing that piqued my interest when she first came,

and drew me out to behold the sheer liveliness of that liberty,

so unusual in the coldness of the four walls I ‘dwerk’.


Her aura infected everything,

turning the nine hours of some to a twinkle of an eye

and my 24/7 labor bearable.

Rainbow hues from her silky smiles

bathes even the tomb with lightened songs,

evoking hope in the weary

and urging on to more exploits.


She lifted the mood of my abode:

the office where I slaved night and day.

Invincible and neglected,

yet laboring for a success

for which I scarcely get the credit.

Ooooh, that I may earn her as my wage

and she won’t go away after all.


I lived for her jokes

and had even learned to laugh again,

tickling her with my feathers:

my gratitude for her tenderness.

But the Boss moved away my treasure.

Now, I just breathe, facing the stark reality

that Jemila is gone, Camilla beyond my reach!




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  1. Hmmm Office Romance Things

  2. Awww. I was totally expecting a real ghost story lol
    But I liked this….Lovely lines you got there.

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