The Ghost of Annabelle: Episode Ten

I had thought the throbbing of my heart will stop when I saw Angela but it only got stronger. It had not been so long when she came out of Mabel’s father’s house but my mind had travelled from the east to the west, ruminating on what course of action to take. Kick starting the car and driving towards her, I saw a group of ladies coming out from the gate and calling on her and so I stopped. I waited till the ladies returned after giving her the handbag she forgot in Mabel’s father’s sitting-room. A little after the ladies went in, I drove to her and stopped. Knowing that my hesitation to speak could be disastrous and also knowing that my speaking too confidently could be equally disastrous, I spoke lightly.

“Can I give you a ride?”

“Give who a ride, you think I’m a whore?” She shouted and I made no comment. I was trying to be as courteous as possible in order not to incur her wrath.

“I know I made the wrong choice but I want to make it up to you.”

“Make it up to who?” She hissed, turned her face and continued to walk.

I tried to pull myself together, telling myself that I was not going to let her pass me by. I came down from the car and walked on to her.

“Can I have a word with you please?”

“Get out of my side before I lose my temper.” She bawled and stared at me with an inscrutable expression.

“But you’re the only one for me; please don’t break what’s left of my heart.” I was dimly aware that this was my real self talking. I wanted her so badly and I was willing to do whatever that was humanly possible to reach the deepest recesses of her heart.

“Why can’t you understand that you disgust me?”

Talking to her was a panic of some sorts because it was obviously clear that she didn’t want to listen to me at all. In spite of that, I didn’t want to be moved; it was vital that I kept my emotions on a tight leash as I tried to reach her heart of heart. To my amazement, she stood looking at me eye-ball-to-eye-ball and I felt like a piece of rope, bedraggled and frayed but not being dismayed as I spoke on.

“There’s no woman like you in the whole wide world; you’re the only woman for me.” I knelt down and pleaded and staring me with her wet eyes, she smiled and held me up.

“You’re the only man for me.” She said softly and hugged me so passionately.

“I love you so dearly, my words can’t fully tell.” I whispered into her ears.

“I love you too.” She voiced out like a breath of air as tears rolled down her cheeks. I saw in her eyes what deep love she had for me.

“I shall prove to the whole world that I’ve not known any woman like you.” I said earnestly as I held her hand as we gingerly walked to the car.

We talked excitedly as I was maneuvering the steering wheels of my car, driving home.

“So why were you drinking like a mad man?”

“It was just because I couldn’t accept the fact that you were out of my life.”

As we talked and laughed, the uppermost thought on my mind was to make my home with Angela. I dismissed all unpractical love theories as absurd and concluded that she was the woman of my dreams and the materialization of my creative genius. She was a splendid woman of whose love I was really proud of.

“Oh dear, what can I do to have you all my life-long?”

She blushed, smiled, and looked at me, seemingly searching for the right words to respond. My question seemed to be her mind’s chief consideration as the minutes passed amid the chaos of human feelings, affections and passions.

“Love me truly and I’ll be faithful to you for all ages.” As the words tumbled from the tip of her tongue, I drew closer and kissed her. It was not a moment of indecision. I was fully sure I loved her and hardly will any woman, man or thing could put us asunder.

When we reached my house, she said I should take her home.

“No Angela.” I said, then hesitated, I didn’t want to hurt her feelings.

“I said take me home dear.” She repeated herself. Her tone was so urgent and she looked so weak that I complied at once, saying with much compunction, “I’ll take you home dear but can we have a drink to our renewed love?”

She did not trust herself to reply but smiled. I took her smile as an affirmative response and led her into my house. We quickly had a drink and I never anticipated the fact that taking her home was not a desire come true.

She looked so frail that I thought she was ill. I held her and was leading her to the bedroom when she tried leaning away from me but she was fragile. I took her up and took her in. I had not dropped her on the bed when her head turned, her eyes already closed. She had been stolen away by sleep and I couldn’t do anything to bring her back to consciousness. I quickly showered before I joined her on bed.

When she woke up around 2.00am, she did not shout, cry out or even shrink when she saw herself enwrapped in my arms.

“What happened? I told you to take me home.” She said with a smile.


“There’s no need for explanations.” She started kissing me.

20 thoughts on “The Ghost of Annabelle: Episode Ten” by innoalifa (@innoalifa)

  1. Ihunanya (@LONE)

    Is Andrew so in lust that he has forgotten the ghost of Annabelle which will soon be joined by Mabel’s ghost? He is so sure no man, woman or THING can separate them!!! OMG, what love can do!
    Keep living in fairy land Mr Andrew!

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting, @LONE :)

  2. Aderonke Daramola (@Shovey)

    love wantintin. Now I know Annabelle is fast asleep.

    1. @KyceeQ, what’s on your mind?

      1. uhmm…i dont think u’d like this…its a criticism

        1. @KyceeQ, on the contrary, I’d like it…it may be the only thing I need to better my writing :)

  3. Kosnie (@Kosnie)

    Hmmmm Angela hope you are doing the best thing by letting ds Beast back to ur bed n heart, Haba not wt two female ghouts hanging round about his neck…still reading and hoping Angela wnt be hurt again by this fool

    1. Hoping she wouldn’t get hurt…but get to enjoy the best from her man…

      I’m glad you stopped by dear, @Kosnie :)

  4. Rekiya Adeshina (@Raykeeyah)

    Hey, even annabelle’s ghost is dead, pls I need a ghost to torment d life out of this Andrew for me.

    1. @Raykeeyah, na so u wan hunt and haunt Andrew abi? Weitin hin do you?

  5. Aminat (@Aminat)

    Everybody deserves a second chance even Andrew if only he repents and feel truly sorry for killing Annabelle. But, until then he’s a complete fool that needs to be dealt with. I still don’t understand why Angela accepted him back it’s not like he is the only guy in the world.

    1. I love the idea of a second chance…everybody does deserve it…Andrew deserves it more :)

      Thanks for stopping by, @Aminat :)

  6. Omena (@menoveg)

    And the ghost died…..

  7. I have caught up with the whole series now Inno.
    I’m glad you didn’t do that “wondering and pondering, drumming and throbbing…” thing you’ve done throughout this series with this episode, still I find myself asking “what is going on?”
    Although this is a very dramatic series (well done), your MC’s thoughts are chaotic. Contradictory too.
    The scene where the girls are talking wasn’t realistic.

    I’m aware how important your art is to you, so I’m going to leave it there (PM or email this wknd). I only came round because you asked me to but I know you will continue working on it anyway.
    I know some of the issues like unnecessary use of words and excessive use of flowery language is a crime most of us are guilty of…it gets easier to trim them in time.

    I saw a comment where you said you can’t make changes to your work because they have been submitted and scheduled. You can actually edit and make changes even after they have been scheduled. Except this has changed on NS or you were referring to your storyline.
    Well done with this series’ popularity.
    Keep improving you art.

    1. @olajumoke, what would I have done without your words of encouragement?

      Thanks a million dear :)

  8. This Andrew ehh, I will cut it off for you.

    1. Hmmm, thanks for dropping by, @ameenaedrees :)

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