The Dilemma (part three)

A Christmas carol that came blasting from the patient’s radio woke me up. I groaned as i sat up to stretch my limbs. I looked around confused at first. Then gradually as i recalled the events of the night before it hit me hard. ” Damn!! ” I exclaimed. This didn’t just happen.What on earth would i give trinity as an excuse for not showing up? Oh man i said to myself. You’re in for something.

The atmosphere in the room felt damp and smelt of something i couldn’t figure out.  A mild headache suddenly began to hit me. I then walked to the windows and threw them open. The cold morning breeze that swept past me was so suiting and refreshing. I had to suck in deep breaths of air to fill the stale ones in my lungs and gasped in the process like a tired athlete. That took a while.

I glanced at my watch, it was a quarter past  seven. I looked around , the two patients were still asleep. I still felt tired. The pain in my finger throbbed still. I began to walk towards the door.

The carol then stopped to allow for a commerce advert. It was something to do with winning prizes in some raffle draw. The guy running the commentary started screaming and laying so much emphasis on the first prize to be won;

“yaaay shey you hear wetin i talk? smartphon-e-e-e, smartphonee na him you go take go house take joli joli this Christmas season. smart phon-e-e-e ” .

  The only reason why i stopped to listen was because it sounded funny  the way the man kept on screaming. But at that same instant, it made me remember my mobile phones alright. I hurriedly  felt all my pockets for them but they weren’t there.

I ran back to the bed where i had lain and after folding the bed sheets roughly and impatiently , found them at the edges of the bed. I picked them not knowing which to operate first. I saw numerous unread messages and missed calls on each of them.

  “oh why didn’t i remove these things from silence?” i exclaimed , recalling how i had to mute all four phones yesterday evening because i didn’t want to take any further calls.

  Friends, mum, dad , brothers , all had called and sent texts to say “merry Christmas”.

Even those i knew but couldn’t recall their faces , random contacts, random patients etc. But then i was scanning through everything for those that had been sent by trinity. I saw them. Eight missed calls. first three of them came around 5.30am. The others camethirty minutes later. She didn’t  text.

“hmmmm”. I sighed as I sat down slowly  at the very uncomfortable edge  of the bed closest to me not minding the throbbing pain i had begun to feel again at my butt.

Scratching my hair slowly and in bewilderment, I tried her number again.

“The number you’re dialing is switched off please…”

“ahn-ahn naw what is this? is this not early morning? How can network be bad again in the morning? abi which kind stupid network be this one” i shouted angrily not minding the foul and irrational words i used.

One patient then coughed and murmured something in his sleep. I wasn’t prepared for another drama this morning so i kept still looking at him till he fell asleep again.

I tried her line again with the other phones that used other network providers and got the same response.

“Hmmm nawa o” i sighed in surrender and laid back on the bed tiredly, staring at the ceiling and chewing hard at nothing in particular.

Not long after that came that “zzzzzzzzzzzz” sound that comes from a vibrating phone that’s compressed between body and mattress. I checked the caller, it was trinity.

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  1. @kosnie Thanks…i appreciate . Hope u read from the begining of the series.

    1. Yes I’ve read the previous episode of wanting to take Trinity out on Xmas eve etc that was in June or so

  2. Quite interesting…

      1. U’re welcome.

  3. You started this series 10 years ago o lol… hey! What I loved from the start about this story was its unique story line.

    Now this part, was error filled. I would have recommended you have us a flash back of previous episodes just to jog our memory since it’s been long you last posted the previous episode.

    Yeah he was suppose to take Trinity out on Christmas eve but it didn’t go as planned..

    Next part am waiting.

  4. @ufuomaotebele Hmm. Yea thats true. Should have done that. Thanks for stopping by and remembering too. Been ages indeed.

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