DEMOCRACY AT 100 : Centenary Independence 2060

We’ve come so far
At last, the Hausas trust the Yorubas
The Yorubas salute the  Igbos
We call ourselves Nigerians and our country,One Nigeria
And we live the Nigerian dream
We stand tall, our heads raised high
And with love in our hearts.

Tribalism has ran off
Nepotism has followed its brother
Corruption has eloped carrying with him, His wife Bribery
The cankerworms have died
Our Nigeria has survived.

Our President : a leader now, not a ruler
Our youths: employers of labour, no more job seekers.
Our democracy: all free and fair
Our Government: Transparency prevails
Our lawmakers: legislating in truth
Our police: our friends at last!

I stand at 64
Beaming with all smiles
My dreams have been achieved
My goals reached
I’ve paid my dues
And to the society, I’m giving now.

My nation at 100
I at 64
A Nigeria with true Nigerians
Living the Nigerian dream.

Mojisola Ogunlakin Olajummy
© 14th October, 2014

3 thoughts on “DEMOCRACY AT 100 : Centenary Independence 2060” by mojisola olajummy (@mjeezyfone)

  1. Great dreams I hope to see materialized.
    I believe in Nigeria, my country too.

  2. Until then sister, until then…..

  3. Nigeria…Our Nation Our Pride

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