Dark Fantasies : 8

Faisal let himself into her one bedroom apartment that he rented for her with his key, she had been away for almost 2weeks since their argument at the hotel, determined to make things right he bombarded her with calls and messages which she did not answer or return, this morning he saw her CRV which he also bought her in the parking area while doing a routine check on her estate which he’d been doing since the two weeks that she left. He knew she probably returned the previous night. The aroma of Apapa greeted him, she made their native food anytime she came back from Okene, he met her in the kitchen,her back turned towards him, he held her but she pulled out of his embrace like she would drop a burning ember.

‘I’m sorry, I don’t know how many times you want me to apologize.’ He said when she turned to face him.

‘Perhaps you shouldn’t apologize at all.’

‘I’m sorry, it wont happen again.’

‘That was what you said before yet you go an extra mile every time you loose your temper.’

He brought a jewelry box from the bag he brought and produced a Sapphire bracelet, the sunlight made it’s reflection fall on the marble surface, its sequined pattern did not falter in the reflection. He put it around her wrist, it was cold to her skin.

‘You can’t buy me with this.’ She said trying to unfasten the bracelet.

‘No I can’t and I don’t intend to buy you, because I know you love me.’ He had stared at her till she could feel herself melting like candle wax and he was the flame on her.

Later when she lay in bed with him and stared into oblivion, she knew he had bought her not with the cold sapphire stones that probably cost a great fortune, but a long time ago by giving her a life she didn’t imagine she would live. When she made to stand up, he held her hands and stopped her.

He went over to her side and knelt down, he fumbled in his trousers and brought out a suede box, he flipped it open and a large stone appeared, she couldn’t help but gasp.

‘Adayi I know I’m not perfect, but will you marry me please?

‘I don’t know what to say, it’s overwhelming.’

‘Say yes, be my princess and let me be your prince, I’ll make it right.’ he said reassuringly more to himself than her.

‘Yes, yes,yess.’

In his embrace her mind went to her little escapade in Okene, she didn’t know if he would forgive her if he ever found out.  One reckless mistake made out of anger perhaps choice could destroy one’s life.

‘On Monday we’ll go to Okene together and I will bring you back as my wife.’

‘What, just like that.’

‘I know your people demand yams and so on, I’ll provide everything.’

‘What about your parents, will they accept me, will they forgive you.’

‘I don’t know but its my life not theirs.’




Mark noticed the fear on his patient’s face and the way he wrapped his hands around himself as if to protect himself from an impending danger.

‘Mr Dele, it wont hurt, just relax and lie down.’

‘Dr, I am scared, it looks like an oven.’

‘It’s not, like I said before it’s an MRI machine, we need to see something your CT scan did not show.’

‘Mogbe, I don’t know what all that means, am I going to die?

‘No, CT scan means computed tomography image of your brain, but we need more insight so thats why I need to conduct this MRI scan.

‘What is MRI, and why is the machine so big?

‘MRI means Magnetic resonance imaging.’

‘You go put magnet for my brain?’

‘No, Mr Dele please just comply and lie down, I just want to see the inside of your head without opening it and know why you’re shaking.’

The look on Mr Dele’s face showed the more the explanation the more scared he was becoming, they needed the scan to make out the reasons for his seizures.

‘If I enter and come out alive, will you enter?


‘Ok, Charity seems like we’re going to perform the MRI on me first.’


‘You don’t have to on the machine, lets just pretend.’ He whispered to the young Dr.

After the drama with Mr Dele who actually has an aneurysm and would possibly not be able to afford the surgery he was in a fairly bad state, all of that turned to shock when he flung his door open and found Emily sitting provocatively on his desk, he couldn’t help but notice her flawless skin which was exposed to her upper thighs and her low neck sleeveless top which revealed more than he needed to see.

‘What are you doing here?

‘Is that the way to talk to your patient?

‘We both know you’re not my patient.’

‘Hmmm kinda, how is the good doctor today?

‘I’m good, please I have loads of work and distraction is the last thing I need right now, please.’ He said trying not to be rude, to avoid looking at her his eyes scanned everything in his office.

‘I’m not distracting you, I’m here for consultation and I need you to perform a hemispher-roc-tomy on me.’ She said with a coy smile.

Hemis-pherec- tomy  you mean.’

‘Yes.’ She walked over to him and placed her hands on his shoulders. ‘I know I hurt you and it’s not justifiable at least you’ll never reason my way, but please let me apologize.’

Mark walked away.

‘I’m sorry I left the way I left, I’m sorry I deleted my number and pictures and the rest.’

‘Why did you do it?’ That question had been on his mind since yet it didn’t feel right to ask it.

‘I thought I had no choice.’

‘Did I hurt you, or do something you detested?’

‘No, you were nothing but nice and good and great.’

‘So you just decided to play a prank on me.’

‘No, I suffered too.’

‘I can’t do this now please leave my office.’

‘Please Mark lets start on a clean slate.’

‘I don’t think it’s a good idea, just leave.’

Emily ignored him and stretched out her hands. ‘I’m Emily Webster.’

Mark did not offer his hands. ‘You lied about your name too.’ He said instead.

‘Yes and am sorry.’ Her hands fell to her side.

‘Emily you made me doubt my ability to…’

‘Oh that’s not in question doctor.’ With that she closed the distance between them and kissed him, he offered no resistance.


Mark woke up to an empty bed again, he ran to the toilet, she was not there, he sat at the edge of his bed, he had been fooled again, just that he knew where she lived now. He placed his hands on his head and was wondering what sort of game she was playing messing with his head and feelings.

‘What’s wrong with you? Her voice came, he looked up, she was wearing his TMlewin striped shirt, it looked perfect on her. And she was holding a tray of food. He let out a sigh.

‘I thought you had run off again.’

‘Oh doctor that’s rather unthoughtful of you, I’m not going anywhere.’ She dropped the tray between them.

‘That’s what I want, you cooked?

‘Yes pancakes, that’s the only thing I can make.’ She said covering her face.

He took a bite, it tasted awful.

‘It’s really nice.’ He lied as he swallowed the torturous bitter bite he took, she took a bite too and ran to the toilet to spit it out.

‘It’s awful.’ She said wiping her mouth.

‘I’m glad you cooked it, but how about I cook us a proper meal right after performing a hemispherectomy on you.’ He said and took the tray of awful pancakes from between them and made for the buttons of his shirt on her.

‘You cook?

‘Yes and I will right after this surgical procedure.’ He said with a mischievous smile which she welcomed.

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  1. Kosnie (@Kosnie)

    Things are really heating up between mark n Emily, reading and still waiting for more interesting episodes…Beautifully Done @ameenaedrees

    1. Thanks @kosnie *wide grin*
      More to come be sure to read.

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    hehe @ameenaedrees this dr mark tho, and his surgical procedures, i wonder what chioma would do, i was begining to … wait let me not dr musa this one hehehe

    1. @kevweodogun aka Dr musa aka my guy, how you dey?
      You beginning to……
      Hehehehe Dr mark has surgical procedures to do, you sef learn so you wouldn’t need cupcakes, vodka and pillow, lol.
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    Hehehehehe best episode so far!!!!!!! Yes this was so so much less confusing. Amina aunty u really placed the icing on the cake for me with this part… Faisal’s part beautifully blended with Mark and Emily’s wahala..

    Dr Mark just proved that I will love my job as a doctor…lol naughty laugh

    p.s am suppose to be going for an MRI soon…

    1. Yay!!! Am glad o!
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    This is my best part so far.

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  6. That part about the MRI was funny.
    Good that we were able to focus on the main characters.
    Well done.

  7. “Surgical Procedures” i think its the only phrase i like in the whole story… Nice 1 @ameenaedrees

    i still dey on board

    1. Hemispherectomy you mean. :-) :-) :-)
      Glad you like it.
      Tnx for reading @chimezie.

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