Dark Fantasies 5

‘That’s okay for now.’ Faisal said and tried to collect the glass cup from Emily, she didn’t let go and forced the rest down her throat.

‘I’ve been bullshited.’ She grumbled.

‘It’s okay.’ He said and cradled her, he sniffed her hair and liked it.

Opportunity comes but once, Faisal took this one to fufill his fantasies, he’d always imagined what it’ll be like to hold and touch her porcelain skin, he met her with an almost empty bottle of wine and took it upon himself to comfort her and perhaps get the story out.

He poured the remaining wine in the cup and placed his lips exactly on the red smudge her lips made on the cup, he closed his eyes while drinking and imagined he was kissing her.

‘This is vengeance.’ She said breaking his daydream.

‘For what?’

‘For all that happened.’

‘What actually is going on between the four of you?’

‘Gbeboron, I know that’s why you’re here.’

‘No I’m here because I care.’

‘I met Goke when I was 17, I just got to England and he was at Chioma’s place so was I, he walked up to me and kissed me.’

‘Just like that?’

‘Yup, just like that, I was too stunned to resist.’

‘Hmmm, what happened then?’

‘Chioma came, she was,…….. was Chioma she didn’t get mad.’

‘Were they dating?’


‘He’s an ass did she forgive him?’

‘Not that day but eventually.’


‘I need a drink.’

‘Your bottle is out.’

‘Get me another.’

He wanted to hear so he dashed and returned with a bottle of vodka.

‘So you drink?’ She asked him.


‘Where did you get this from?’

‘Errm my friends drink, I keep it for them.’ He said and poured in her glass, he watched her drink her lips on the exact spot he put his and he smiled the kiss was completed.

‘Where was I?’

‘Goke and Chioma.’

‘Ohhh, they continued dating but Goke still tried to woo me and eventually he broke up with Chioma and we started dating.’

‘But you’re Chioma’s friend.’

‘Yes I was young, I thought it was love

‘It wasn’t?

‘Hell it wasn’t, I left him, he was broken and he has been trying to get back to Chioma ever since.’

‘Why didn’t he try to get back to you?’

‘Do I look like Chioma who takes shit, besides he was only attracted to me, he didn’t love me, it was Chioma he that he loved I was just a distraction.’ She concluded sadly.

‘Wow, hmmm.’

‘Wow what?

‘You could distract anybody.’

‘I know.’

‘What of David?

‘Same story, different time.’


‘I met him Los Angeles, we had a one night stand, you know am hopelessly attracted to doctors and beautiful cars.’

‘Ohh that explains your choices on men and your CLS, Range rover sports and Porsche Cayenne.’ Faisal said, he often wondered why she drove 3 cars, which she changed frequently like clothes, anyway its her money, he thought.

‘We came back, he hunted me down professed love but I would find out that he was dating Chioma when I tried to introduce them.’

‘Mehn shit and crap.’

She rested on him, he quickly made room to accommodate her.

‘So you both broke up with him?

‘Yes, but Chioma told me I could go on dating him if I wanted that she’d be cool with it.’

‘Did you?

‘No who is she, mother Theresa?

‘Well the fool found out he was in love with Chioma and has been trying to please her, apparently I was just a distraction again.’ She said and turned to Faisal.

‘I know you like me.’ She said.


‘Don’t huhh me, you’ve been tapping current since, opportunity does come but once.’



Nasara was huge with countless wards, it takes about 10 doctors to make the rounds, it was overflowing with patients especially ante natal because of their affordable rates and classic services. Dr Ismaila the CMD was overwhelmed when Chioma decided to join them, he’d introduced her to everybody and she was settling in, the place was an exact opposite of Premium care, the facilities were good but not up to date, here she would test her manpower rather than relying on machines, she could miss her Porsche office and the central ac since the one in her office made a low noise, and the power cuts were noticeable, it took About 5 minutes for the gen to come on, in premium care it was never noticed.

Dr Ismaila had assigned the task of showing Chioma around the hospital to Dr Musa, there couldn’t have been a better candidate because he had a mini biography of everyone in the hospital.

‘That’s nurse Abigail she has married and divorced 3 times to doctors in this hospital.’ He said, Chioma nodded and greeted her when she approached them.

‘Thats Dr Anita Nkrameh, she thinks she’s sexy, she has dated every doctor here, Dr Kalu is the only one left and he is her conquest.’

‘That includes you?

‘Hahahaha you’re funny, no, I am married to the most beautiful woman Hafsat.’


‘You know you are the second most beautiful woman after Hafsat, Dr Nkrameh has got a new competition since I know Dr Kalu would like you.’

‘I  wouldn’t agree on that with you.’ She said.

‘Thats because you haven’t met him, you’ll like him too.’

‘I didn’t meet him in the morning?

‘No he was in surgery, some months ago he picked up a girl, she drugged him and stole everything in his house, including his HD TV and split ACs.

‘Woah, did she come with a truck?

‘No, it was a mini van.’

‘I feel bad for him.’

‘He’s a good person though.’ Dr Musa added to repair the damage his mouth had done.

‘Hi, I see Dr Musa is showing you around.’ Dr Nkrameh said, she’d just walked up to them.

‘Yes.’ Chioma said.

‘I heard you’re from Premium Care.’


‘Wow, I would never leave such a clinic but am sure you had your reasons.’

‘Yes.’ Chioma replied , Anita shrugged.

‘And here comes Dr Kalu, The one that picked the girl.’ Dr Musa whispered.

‘Hello, you must be our new cardiologist, Dr Ismaila has told us alot about you.’ He said offering a perfect smile which he was not even aware of.

‘Yes, and you must be Dr Kalu.’

‘Call me Mark please.’




She wore red, it covered her knees her Brazilian hair was down and glistened from the too much oil she applied, she walked over sat on his laps, he hugged her, when he released her she was standing far from her, her dress had turned to a long ivory gown which was red below, like it was immersed in red paint, but it was blood, it gushed from her mouth too.

‘Adayi!!!’ He screamed as she fell to floor and started jerking furiously.

‘I’m here.’ Her calm voice answered from behind him, he turned the gown was now plain.

Frantically he turned back to the one on the floor but she was gone. ‘Adayi please.’ He pleaded then she vanished.

‘Adayi, please don’t go, come back.’ He found himself in Okene near the oyinoya’s palace, the art work of the woman making her dauther’s hair on the long walls gazed at him questioningly, the shadows of the trees across the road made a pattern on the road, there she stood again smiling in aso-ke, she walked away, he ran after her shouting her name, soon they found themselves in her family home, she opened the well in front of the main entrance and jumped in, he tried to catch her but something hard hit him on his head.

‘Nooooooo!!!’ Faisal screamed and woke up.

‘What the hell and who is Adayi?’ Emily asked.

Faisal was covered in beads of sweat, he was breathing heavily, he saw Emily standing with a bat.

‘Did hit me with that?

‘Yes, you were scaring me and murmuring Adayi please don’t leave.’

Faisal hurried to his secret locker, he didn’t care that Emily was near, he tapped it and it opened, he took what he wanted and closed it back and hurried to his room.

He closed his eyes when he felt the substance in his blood and unimaginable pleasure gushed into him, the nightmares were back and so was Adayi.



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