Caricature Of A Lonely Heart 10

Brenda couldn’t decide on what to wear. The day had started nice and easy. It was a well planned one but somewhere in the middle of selecting what to wear, she had panicked. She couldn’t find anything in her closet that was appropriate for a date. Her date seemed like one that would like the fancy clothes, Brenda was not into fancy waste-of-money designer labels. She thrashed around in her closet trying to choose something more appropriate. As she tried each outfit on, her mind wandered to when Sean had asked her out on a date.

“What did you just say?” Brenda had said as they sat together on the park bench trying to find out why a virus multiplied at a certain temperature. Sean had smiled. He had known that it would catch her unawares. He loved the expression on her face at that moment.

“I asked if you would like to go on a date with me. Was that a question that didn’t have to be asked?” Sean asked as he stared at the blushing Brenda.

Brenda looked away but she nodded. It was not like she had never been on a date before but she had never been on a date with someone she actually had a crush on. It was unnerving but felt good.

“So, how about on Friday by seven,” Sean asked as he removed the textbook on Brenda’s lap and dropped it on his.

“That will be okay. Where are we going,” she asked. Sean smiled and said it was a surprise. Brenda nodded, she didn’t know what to make of the invitation but she was too blown away to say no. She didn’t want to ask why it had to be a big surprise. It would be lovely to be on a date with Sean. He was smooth, he was smart, he was handsome and had this thing about him that made Brenda’s heart stop. He was…

Brenda smiled and paused. The zipper on her jean had caught while her mind was far way and she had to rip it out. She finally settled on a ballerina gown with lace trimmings. She liked what she saw in the mirror. She knew Sean wouldn’t be able to resist her in that. She smiled to herself and picked up her phone.

It was still six-fifteen. She had to wait. She didn’t think she should be the one to call him, he should. So, she dropped the phone and went back to her mirror to examine if there were any touch-up necessary. When she was satisfied that her look was perfect, she went back to her bed and waited.
Derek stared after Sean as he threw clothes on the bed. He ignored him for a while but went back when in fifteen minutes; Sean was still not sure what to wear.

“Dude, will you just pick one already. It is not like she is hot date or anything,” Derek complained and picked up a magazine.

Sean looked at him and smiled. He was nervous. He didn’t want to create the wrong impression with Brenda. He didn’t want to dress up in a way that she would think he wanted to get laid. Neither did he want her to think of him as a dunce. He picked up a purple shirt with brown stripes and showed it to Derek. Derek nodded but said it didn’t matter anyway.

Sean shook his head and dressed up. He liked the shirt but it looked too sexy to him. He didn’t want to look sexy; he wanted to look smart and fun. He took it off and chose a brown shirt instead. This time, Derek gave him thumbs up.

“That is more likely to match her. She is such a dull nerd after all,” Derek said. Sean threw a shoe at him as he picked up a jean from a heap in his wardrobe.

“She is a beautiful girl, Derek. She is smart and she is…”

“Oh please stop before I puke. Are we looking at the same girl?” Derek asked and hissed. The alarm went of and Sean switched it off. It was quarter to seven. It was time to call his date.

“Hi. Are you ready?” Okay…I will be there in fifteen minutes….bye…”

Derek shook his head and called Sean silly. Sean patted him on the back and tossed the house key into his lap.

“What am I supposed to do wit this?” Derek asked as he got up.

“You are driving us there,” Sean said. Derek shook his head and sat down.

“Are you sure you don’t want to do me this favor. I still have not talked to Cally on your behalf, you know.”

Derek opened his mouth to say something but thought better of it. He took the key and stood up reluctantly. They both went out of the apartment.
Brenda stood at the gate and wondered what Sean would think when he sees her. Would he be blown away? Would he just see a girl that was trying too hard? She was still in the process of making a decision whether to go up and change when she spotted Derek’s car. She walked up to it.

The look on Sean’s face was priceless. His mouth was open for five seconds before he closed it and Derek’s eyes went all over her like lightening.

“Wow!” it was Derek. Brenda smiled contentedly. Her mission was successful. Sean got out and opened the door for Brenda. Derek kept looking at the mirror to have another glimpse of Brenda. Brenda blushed and asked were they were going.

“Ehhmm…we…we are going to Lagos-city,” Sean replied. Lagos-city was a popular Nigerian restaurant around.

“That is lovely. I’ve always wanted to go there,” Brenda replied gaily.

“You look very…hot!” Derek said as he looked back. Sean punched him in the neck and he frowned.

“You are beautiful,” Sean whispered into Brenda’s ear. Brenda said thank you and leaned back. The night had started well for both of them. Brenda was glad that Derek would shut up about her being a nerdy scientist. Sean would have her in his memories for a while. It was a perfect win-win situation and she was mighty glad.

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  1. Trying to reconnect with the earlier episodes…This is not bad…

  2. Kosnie (@Kosnie)

    Hmmmm the nerdy Brenda looking Lovely n Hawt…now Derek will cut off his nasty criticism

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