Without a care

Brenda had a short flayed skirt which flew up as she pranced about. You could see the childish excitement as she sang out loud on the line behind her mates into the church. It was children’s day celebration and she was nominated to make a presentation. She had her beautiful bouquet of flower, a shiny silk covering the small bucket that held the flowers. At her back was pinned the name of the recipient of the bouquet.

She attracted much smiling and clapping as she was gesticulating without a care. Most times she would go out of the line in her demonstration. She was just a sight to behold with her inner clothes exposing as she pranced about.

Her mother rushed in as she was demonstrating on the stage with the other children. She smiled excitedly while shaking her head. Sometimes she would clap for her daughter in encouragement.

Turn by turn, the other children delivered their bouquet to their recipients until it reached her turn; she curtsied, held her bouquet carefully while sashaying towards her mother. There was quite an excited murmur as she gently handed the bouquet to her mother, hugged and pecked her on the cheek and sashayed back to her line.

It was as she was going back that her mother noticed the name tag on her back. Realization dawned on her and she turned sharply towards the lady whose name was tagged on her daughter’s back. She saw the lady laughing and she knew what her daughter had done.

She dropped the bouquet, made signs for the lady as she covered her face shaking her head.

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  1. This briefly great…

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  3. As if she cares who the bouquet is meant for if not her mummy! lol@shovey

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