The Stubborn Grass

I am a mere stubborn grass
In the thick forest
Elephants and cows trample upon me
On me lions and leopard rest

I am a mere stubborn grass
Every season I am blossoming
When I am burnt by the fire
In the wink of an eye I turn from doom to booming

I am a mere stubborn grass
I am the mere green thing amidst trees
Not minding my little root
I still thrive and buss like bee

I am mere stubborn grass
‘Why am I stubborn?’
Oh! Even Goggle and Amazon are dumb
Till I went up to the Moutain with my horn

2 thoughts on “The Stubborn Grass” by SUNNYDEMAJESTY (@SUNNYDEMAJESTY)

  1. The rhymes captivated my attention
    and through its flowery manifestation
    made me aspire and desire for more
    that poetic beauty will be brought to the fore

    inviting you poet, @sunnydemajesty, to check out my flash fiction at and comment, good or bad.


    1. Thanks so much for your compliment!

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