The seven seas

The Seven Seas: chapter two

“where am i?” Abayomi asked.

“look around” the same voice he had hear before falling asleep said behind him. He immediately turned to see her face but, she was’nt there.

“Everywhere is clouded” Abayomi said to himself, trying very hard to see. when he could see clearly he saw that those where not clouds but mists. He moved into the mist, what he saw was a dream come through in a dream.
He was stand right in front of Seven magnificent water falls, joining at the bottom like branches, they flow for about half a mile before becoming a sea. 
“it…it’s the seven seas” he managed to say, with excitement, one of his life goals was to see the seven seas.
The fragrance coming from flowers and grass where so intoxicating he wanted to taste them. Aboyomi stood with his eyes closed taking in, every sound and smell around him.
“ah!” he shouted, his brown eyes were filled with fear has they shot open, he doubled back sitting sharply on the floor and panting furiously. He stood up, realising he had almost fell. “i…was…where is this place?” he said calmly, telling himself ‘it’s still a dream’, he was still panting. He stood at the edge of a cliff looking down, when he looked to the west, he could see the seven seas.

“This is where we meet in the next full moon”, the goddess said giggling. “come prepared!”
He felt a icy cold touch on his shoulder, the touch sent chills down his spine, when he turned, the goddess figure was already fadeing, he could not really make out her face, but she had the most beautifutll black eyes he has ever seen.

“and she said, it’s time”

It is time! The words kept pounding in Olamuyiwa’s ear trying to remember what he had been forgetting, suddenly, as if striked by lighting, he fell to the floor fumbling with things under his bed, at first Abayomi was afraid, but when he saw his father move he was relieved.

“what else did she say?” Olamuyiwa asked as he sat down on his bed with a wooden crane box, the size of a traditional pot.

“ehm” Abayomi, could not take his eyes off the box, “ehm….she….said….that’s all, she did not say anything else”

Olamuyiwa looked up from the box, he was about to say something but stopped.

The goddess had told him to be carefull, but he could not bring himself to tell his father how he felt when he saw her face. ‘What she said is not important’, he told himself but he still could not get those words out of his head. “she did not say anything else” he repeated

“Ife” Olamuyiwa said, smilling at the mention of the goddess name, he had countless meetings with her, to know Abayomi’s heart might have skiped a beat at the sight of her.

“what is that?” Abayomi asked,

“it’s a necklace”

Abayomi ressisted the urge to tell his father, ‘am not blind, i mean what is on it’.

“never run faster–” Olamuyiwa was saying.

“than your legs can carry you” Abayomi completed, trying to be calm. “i know, it’s just that….” his voice trailed of.
“i don’t want to miss any details again”

“it’s not your fault” Olamuyiwa said, knowing where their talk was leading, he placed a firm hand under his son’s chin, and tilt his head up, so their face was only inch apart. “he–”

“no!” Abayomi shouted, “i killed him, if he had stayed at home….he would be here with us”

When Abayomi was five, he and his brother went into the bush to play, his brother didn’t want to go, but went so to please him that’s the reason he had always blamed himself for his brothers death and didn’t make many friends. While they were in the bush, his brother had caught his leg in a big trap set for bush meats, Abayomi went to get help, but when they arrived, his brother had died due to blood lose.

Olamuyiwa also prefers not to remember that painfull day. “he’s smilling down at you right now” he joked, and they both laughed.
“Olakunle, that’s the name of the person you should ask for when you get to the seven seas, he will help you prepare.” Olamuyiwa said trying to hold back tears. “tell him, ‘it is time’ ”

“okay” Abayomi said, he turned to his mother who had been crying since she was told her son had to leave, Abayomi knew the reason she was crying but wanted to assure her. “am going to come back home, mama” he also knows that, that is imposibble, his father already told him that, since he has been awakened, he can not stay among the villagers.

“may…the gods go with…you my…son” she managed to say and gave him a hug.

He pushed her away slightly and kissed her fore head, he turned sharply on his heels resisting the urge to turn back. He left the paths and went into the bush, his father had told him to follow the flow of Ibale river to the seven seas. He had walk almost a mile when he heard running water, he stopped to know the direction it was coming from.
When he got to the river, he washed himself and ate briefly, before beginning his journey to the unknown, he paid homage to the river goddess.

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  1. So intriguing! I’m beginning to imagine the seven seas……….. @Bookfreez the other parts should come on time pls!

    1. No wala babes, am working on it. @shovey

  2. This is great!

    I really do admire the way the story is being told. It shows that the writer is handling his pen beautifully well. I have no option than to keep following and reading.

    As I’m waiting for the next episode, I’d like you, @bookfreez, to check out my flash fiction at and comment, good or bad.

  3. Yes it did, it improved. I am joining him into this journey. You know what i love about this? it s the good old Nollywood movie that i love to watch. Some sort of journey to the unknown.

    Keep it up!

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