The seven seas

The Seven Seas: Chapter Three

“Who’s there?” Abayomi place his hand on the hilt of his sword, “who’s there?” he repeated, but this time with more intensity remembring the territory he is standing on belongs to the wild ones, though that is what people call them, but his father called them something else.

“yes Owu, they are the strongest of all the tribes in the seven seas, they have the number in strength, though they are a small tribe” Olamuyiwa said. “and are very intelligent”

“you might want to drop that” a voice said to the right of Abayomi, making him jump back to the present.
“trying, won’t kill” another said to his left giving him the impression he has been surrounded.
Abayomi stared right into the dark where a figure stood,

“who are you?, where are you coming from?, where are you going?”

“which, should he answer first?” a young lady said stepping out of the darkness, her sight alone almost melted his heart, her dress shimmered under the morning sun.
“what are you looking at?”

Abayomi, quickly jumps out of his trans realising he has been staring at her with his mouth wide open.

“maybe, we should take him back to the village?”,another person said stepping into the sun, with three others.


Abayomi’s vision is still blur, after he had been stung by something in the woods, he tried focusing his vision but to no avail.

“that’s strange” he heard someone say.

“what is?” another person asked.

“he recovered from the sting faster than most people”

He heard the voice of another person in the room, the voice sounded older.
When his vision became clear, the lady he had seen in the woods stood infront of him, with her hand on her waist, to her left stood a young boy around eighteen years, he has a broad shoulder, his muscle tugged at his cloth, the woman he had hear minuets ago knelt down infront of him, looking at him with curious eyes that made him uncomfortable.

“bring him to breakfast” she said and left the room.

Minuets later, Abayomi is sitting next to the king of Owu, who hadn’t stop talking since breakfast started.

“so where are you going?” he asked, turning towards Abayomi who had been invisible to all.

“well”, he said “am heading to the seven se…” his words hung in is throat, he remmebered what his father had said: ‘the seven seas, refers to the seven kingdoms and not the sea, never make that mistake’
“the seven sea” he completed

“thank the gods” the boy with the broad shoulder said “we won’t have to hear the story behind the seven seas, for the hundreth time” they all laughed, Abayomi did not understand why they had to make a big deal out something like the seven seas or sea.

“so, are you on a quest?” the king asked

“actually” Abayomi clears his throat, “am going to the black mountain, but i have to get prepared at the seven sea”, say the truth he thought, well have done more than saying the truth.

“then, you should be getting ready to leave” said the queen, the woman who said he should be present at breakfast.


Abayomi stood at the garden of the palace, where he is having a coversation with the king.

“the forest, has really changed” the king said “there are somany dangerous things out there, am sure your father would have told you all these?”, Abayomi nodded, and the king continued “and never take off your necklace, it’s a sign of who you are”

or what you are, Abayomi thought.

“they, will be going with you” the queen said, joining the conversation with three of her kids.
“am sure you have met them” she said pointing to the girl from the forest and the boy with the broad shoulder. “Adetutu, and Adewale” then she turn to her third child “this is Adepeju, she was not present at breakfast”.

“hi” she said with a blush.

“thirteen more days to go” Abayomi said to himself, but it sounded like it was directed to his compannions.

“then stop complaining, and let us move” Adetutu said, with a flash of anger in her voice.

Abayomi, was about to protest that he was not talking to her, but she was long gone, he turned to the king and queen to pay his homage.

“god speed, my son” the king said, “and may the gods be with you” the queen added, “please look after my children” she quickly added

Abayomi bowed his head, and went after the others. ‘this, is going to be longer than i thought’ he said to himself as he got closer to the others.

The Adventure has just begone, they will find out secrets that might crush them, or have them make the wrong decisions.

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  1. Great piece……now im sorta not sure why he’s heading for The Seven Sea and why the king’s children are going with him.

  2. @ugochuckwu everything happens for a reason. Just wait and see.

  3. Now he has companions. good luck to ’em

  4. They are open to one more @shovey

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