Sangi Layi

no11e29d5eb-d79b-4971-9452-18c32582ba1cNupe people found in Niger, kwara and Kogis states.

All the locations are located in Mokwa local govt in Niger state.

“Sangilayi is the purest of all Waters in Kpaki.” Yakwobo told her daughter Kashi, “It cures all ailments.”

“Nna I want to drink from SangiLayi.” Kashi said excitedly.

Yakwobo smiled at her daughter’s state of euphoria.

“You will drink from Sangilayi, but it is not easy, one has to travel through Chiji, Kodan, Gbete, Kudu and pass the Kuka tree which is inhabited by evil spirits to reach there.”

All this Yakwobo told Kashi while pounding chingini (pounded yam).

Kashi was maverling over what her mother said when she heard her scream and dashed there  and met her mother jerking on the floor and ran to get an elder.

“Yanmanda please come and help my mother.”

Yanmanda  knew Kashi to be a good girl and followed her.

Later Shaaynko the healer nodded sadly, If Evbwa bites a person only a miracle can save them.

Kashi thought of only one  source of miracle Sangilayi and left . By evening she was  in Chiji, she was tired but forged ahead  to Kodan where she passed the the night.

Before first light she proceeced to Gbete, by noon she was kudu, she was hungry and  ate from a fruit tree, after resting, she followed her heart and found the acclaimed Kuka tree, she prayed and proceeded.

She perceived aroma of food, saw beautiful things and people calling out to her but ignored them all and ran.

She saw Sangilayi sparkling,fetched, and left. Her journey back was less tedious and she got home just in time before her mother took her last breath and poured it in her mouth and her eyes fluttered open.

“You saved me.”

“Yes, I got you Sangilayi.”

“Did you drink from it?”


“The one who gives another grace will own a santuary.”

“Someday you will drink from Sangi Layi.”

16 thoughts on “Sangi Layi” by Amina Idris (@ameenaedrees)

  1. Oh wow… it reminded me of those old better Nollywood movies when the characters journey to then land of the dead or something like that to get a cure for the kings son and then the girl (*Amina) can marry the prince! #egg of life… beautiful story.

    hehehe I sight you oh.. your cover picture.

    1. No be me o!, na nupe princess be dat.
      Hehehehehehe Amina can marry the Prince, egg of life ahh you sabi nollywood well well o!.
      Tnx for reading. @ufuomaotebele.

      1. but the babe looks like you na… I need to clean my glasses then.

        1. Owk you got me.
          Thought you might doubt.
          @ufuomaotebele no need to clean dose glasses they’re perfectly clean.

          1. heheheheheh ah u be wan kill my eye doctor career oo…

  2. @ameenaedrees, are you Nupe?

    This is a good piece, garnished with Nupe cultural names and things. I love chingini [smiles]

    1. Yes I am nupe @innoalifa, tnx for reading, what do you know about nupe people?
      I wan know.

      1. I don’t know much about you Nuperians ooo…but will keep researching about them…

  3. Nigeria is blessed with beautiful people Nupe people are part of the beautiful people of Nigeria.

    1. Thank you @aminat, you know after nupe I like Yoruba culture the most, their drums,dance, singing and above all their gods and goddesses like oya, oshun , olodumare.
      That’s why I like his Highness.

  4. this reminds me of an old 80s african classic where a man hopes to find a paradise, i forget the name, but he kept on repeating it, I like the concept that leaves the reader to imagine and visualize. @ameenaedrees this was marvelous

    ps. the man, in the movie didnt find paradise, he died in a motorcycle accident while chanting the name of the paradise …. twas a horrible movie -____-

  5. Hmmmm well they found the Paradise here, tnx for reading @kevweodogun and what tribe are you?

    1. you’re always welcome, Im from the Southern tribe of the Urhobo people

  6. I loved this story. The fact that you put a ‘whole story’ into 300 words is admirable. I enjoyed most the undercurrent philosophy of ‘Sangi Layi’ – these bits of the dialogue resonated: ‘The one who gives another grace will own a sanctuary.’ and ‘Someday you will drink from Sangi Layi’. Good work. Well done.

  7. Thanks so so much @IdiAce, I appreciate.

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