Rolling Stone

He had no silver, he had no gold
I was reminded often, I was always told
Born without a silver spoon, content with each meal
This is how my father’s love made me feel

The first word i said to him was ‘da’
A tickle to his spine, as he stared in wonder
The warmth of his hands, it emitted love
A sense of security, peace from above

I still remember him staying awake
Staring at his wife and five children, a home to make
Just a room for us to fit in
I could feel his pain transmitting from within

I still remember what Christmas was like
Indoors we played, cost of living high with price hikes
He blessed the little we had and we ate
Old clothes; he encouraged us to have faith

I still remember; sent home from school
He hugged me close, established a rule
He would be our teacher, mum was his vice
Home schooled; learning easier, to my surprise

How can I forget when we were evicted
He hurried from his office calm yet agitated
The assurance in his eyes, the love in his smile
A temporary home on the street along 9th mile

Yes I remember his calm, gun to his face
The cash in his care, taken; then the disgrace
Days spent in the cell, I missed him so much
Framed and sentenced, no mercy for such

He taught me to do right, with reasons to live
To be slow to anger and quick to forgive
His words were my guide as I hustled each day
15 years and over, stabbed and he passed away

Today I hold the portrait of him with pride
My success is clean, I have nothing to hide
I owe so much to this man, my symbol of strength
I curse you poverty, I bless the lessons learnt

Still has no silver, still has no gold
How can i leave such a story untold
I’ve always loved him and forever will
This is how my father’s love makes me feel.

13 thoughts on “Rolling Stone” by Bright Benson (@brytandre)

  1. Such is life! His memory will forever linger in your heart. Nice poetic work!

  2. This is great
    and beyond any rate
    truly original and poetic
    flowing the tip of the poet’s pen

    keep writing…inviting you, @brytandre and @kosnie to check out my flash fiction at and comment, good or bad.


      1. U’re welcome!

  3. Awwww… I love my daddy too. The first stanza was my favorite…

    1. Thanks @ufuoamaotebele glad u lovee!



  6. i must do my work… thanks my dear

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