I Pledge Allegiance To My Soul

Let the windows of our eyes behold this!
The battle the kings would never miss.
Let all nations surround us,
And watch as we war the war of wars against our enemies.
Today, our tongues shall count more gains than loss,
We have long been cajoled in the aftermath of their atrocities.
The Lion of Atuga!
The priests of Imiofia!
Gather your idols; It’s a war against the spirits.
The field of our indebted independence shall go gory,
Fear not; their achromic minds are only parts of the story.
Today, our father land shall annex our glory that has gone adrift.
We must recover from this short shrift.
The eagle has been stripped naked in the market place.
Now the world about us shall trudge in volte face.
Ogun, they despised and threw you in the muds.
Sango and Oya they destroyed.
Arise oh ye fallen gods!
Be our shield and guns, for this land must be restored.


Why do their achromic skins dragoon our land?
They killed our gods, our heirloom,erudition, our lives,
They made us eat with their tainted hand,
And deceived our kings with a mountain of lies.
Decades deceased in ages till we chased them from our land,
Yet they enslaved us in the aftermath of their atrocity.
They sucked us deep like the bugs on our sand.
Even the eolithic evil forest is bewildered by their ferocity.
The child has given birth to his mother,
The naive nightflies now fly in the day.
Cain again has killed his brother.
Our pride has gone to hit the hay
White statues with curvy spectacles are now our kings,
As they rule like the tortoise in the market square.
On their fingerprints slyness clings,
And when we are estranged by their trap, they claim they owe no duty of care.


When the dark dumb bird dies, the forest sings.
The whites are gone yet they lie with our thoughts;
And forbear children of Sodom; the love for abominable things.
Our tradition they turned to a pillar of salt;
When we looked back on their ways as they left,
Leaving behind the ruins of their theft.
Let us all gather at this historic field,
Where their blood will be spilled,
Our adversaries lay up in the North,
From the east, emerges armies of white thieves,
A year, a day and a month;
Has emerged from the west, soldiers with stolen terracotta head,
And from the south we earmark ourselves; the zombies clothed in leaves,
With helmets of faith and the gods as our head.
Oh – we are at war!
Let it prevail- the wrath of our own law!
The fire burns out cold flames,
For the rain has ruled for days,
And In shame has the sun now hidden his face!
The chicken complains that he has no teeth,
Yet he eats grains and swallows pebbles,
That the cows eat grass is not a myth,
Yet he does not wish for marbles,
If the chicken has teeth, will he eat gold?
The earth is a blind toad!
Didn’t Queen Amina step on the horse?
Didn’t Oduduwa strike the soil?
We have forgotten the days of Erediawa,
We have set the days of Queen Amina on fire.
The devil now eats in our household,
But today,thousands of heads shall fall at our threshold.
Lift up your guns, fellow Africans,
For we are not only at war with the desecrators of our lands,
We are at war with ourselves!
Today, to our land must we pledge allegiance!
We must claim back peace,
Corrupt leaders and terrorists now live with us in the streets.
Some claiming to be against the influence of the west,
While they destroy our mothers,
And deprive us of our rest.
Days have turned hours of chaos as they drink the blood of the innocent,
We shall swallow them up in strength!
The colourless heads are there,
Why don’t they fight them?
Why do they strike us, are they not fellow Africans?
Enough is enough!
The cock has crowed thrice!
The war has engulfed!
Their cat is our mice!
Even Orunmila could have sworn this;
That we shall conquer all,
The angel will defeat the beast,
We shall overcome them all.
Though they stand with inventions,
And the devils among us stand with pretension.
But we stand not alone, but with the gods,
With the gods in our hearts, they stand at loss.
I therefore pledge to my father’s land,
Till the last drop of my blood I shall fight.
And kiss victory in the hand.
Till I see at the end of the tunnel; the light,
The light of a victorious home,
Behold, I pledge allegiance to my soul!

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  1. oh wow! so much power in the lines… read like a freedom speech!

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