Orunmila’s Letter – Episode 37-Grand Finale!


The elegant couple got married the next day with guests from all walks of life and several countries. She wore a custom made gown,with a diamond piece of costume jewellery around her neck,tiny white pearls on her ears and Simon’s favourite shade of lipstick on her full lips.

The groom finally shaved his beards before the big day,and looked spectacular in his burgundy tuxedo adorned with golden cuffs and buttons. Present at the ceremony were their surviving relatives,ambassadors of foreign nations,the King of Ayetoro and many more towns,several governors,Pastor Bola and Pastor John whose spread across the entire nation a few years later,Pastor Shola(who was raised by the dead by Ireti at Amofin),Rev Theo who was the presiding minister,Rev Benedict,Rev Paulette(who trained Ireti in the UK),Mr Alamu(who became a born again business man after being delivered of the demons that once possessed him),Mr Aderopo(who lost his royal rights but had also received Christ),the youths&female students from Ayetoro whom Princess Ireti specially provided for,Patricia&James who got married,and lots more.

And her wedding ring was indeed a rock to behold as he promised. Their wedding photos graced the covers of most lifestyle magazines,and papers. Their honeymoon experience was simply amazing,they spent three weeks at a top notch hotel in Paris where they went on several tours,ate delicious pastries,and did things they’ve been wanting to do since they first laid eyes on themselves in the village but couldn’t because they hadn’t tied the knot.She got pregnant three months after their wedding.

Ireti remained a paediatrician who healed hundreds of children miraculously and Simon,the herald of his late father’s conglomerate of which he made his wife the International CEO, whilst he was the President. The Braithwaite group went all out from being a maufacturing company,they diversified into oil&gas,real estate,telecommunications(few decades later),flour mills and a fashion line. Two of these were pioneered by Princess Ireti.

They were blessed with two amazing children,a boy and a girl.The couple aged in grace&strength and a beautiful team they were,she finally got used to the type of dressing he wanted her to replicate and they argued sometimes when she called the dresses he bought for her ‘too short or too revealing’.

Ayike wedded Ayodele a few years later,and they were blessed with three marvellous boys.

After decades of working tirelessly,Mr&Mrs Simon Braithwaite(also Pastors) decided to work part time on their jobs and create a Christian International School of Ministry which remains the first of its kind in Africa.It trains everyone,Leaders,Pastors,Church workers and Believers also. Thousands of people from various tribes and countries flock into their schools located in over fifteen countries yearly.

The International School of Ministry has trained over twenty thousand people all around the world,who have pioneered some of the greatest churches in their continents.

Sometimes,Pastor Ireti teaches with her foreign accent and charming smile whilst Pastor Simon lays hands on thousands of people without physically touching them&vice versa and Yes! He still can’t sit without crossing his legs.

When asked why he can’t seem to stop kissing and holding onto his wife in public,he replied saying, “Most times when we’re out together, I almost can’t believe that this isn’t a dream so I hold onto her tightly,wishing to relish every moment of this ‘dream’ and afraid that this might all be a fantasy of some sort.I’ve never met a woman more beautiful and elegant.”

She was quite joyful &hyper active when asked how she felt on her son’s graduation from high school. The intelligent kid carted away most of the awards at the occasion,his beautiful mum had this to say,”I can’t believe God gave us a child this glorious..a spitting image of his father and my emotional replica. I love you honey! You’re the best Husband,Father,and Pastor anyone could ever ask for” Pastor Ireti said and she blew kisses to the camcoder.

Their charming kids giggled when quizzed about their parents.

“Daddy is always holding mummy like a glass cup..he always plays tea party with me..and mummy makes the best apple pie..people even beg her to make some for them..I love my daddy and my mummy” The eight year old angel replied with a wide toothed grin that exposed several tooth gaps.

“I love my parents..they are the best role models in the world” The gentle ‘man’ said with his Father’s charisma. Their kids all took their Father’s foreign genes and looks,but they inherited their mother’s beautiful eyes.An American journalist D.B Green published a book about the marvellous couple titled Orunmila’s Letter which was later transformed into a golden globe award winning motion picture.
Several of the appraisals given were;
‘A beautiful tale of faith,love and hope’
Mary Andrews,Editor of The daily Sun-Western Texas (U.S)

‘A remarkable and inspiring piece. Indeed, God’s children always live happily ever after’
Reverend Theodore&Sandy Wilkens- Vicarious Ministries, United Kingdom.Members of the Board of Directors International School of Ministry.

‘Mr Simon just can’t seem to get enough of lipstick and high end fashion. Amazing Story!
Cynthia Richards-Crytella Lifestyle Magazine,Johannesburg.

‘I certainly admire his machismo and her tenderness. Indeed their love for God saw them through.’
Archie Bankole-The Tide Newspapers,Lagos state.

‘God indeed takes the beggar out of the dung hill and sets him among princes.Its a refreshing story about our favourite couple in the entire universe. Words can’t explain how much we love you both’
Pastor John&Bola Makinde-Grace Filled International Ministries,Ayetoro.National Directors-International School of Ministry.

‘It’s a most inspiring tale of power and forgiveness about the people I’m most indebted to in the whole wide world. One was used by God to bring me back to life and the other,to teach and inspire me in ministry’
Pastor Shola Matthews- Glorious International Ministries,California& Chief operating officer-International School of Ministry.

‘It may sound too good to be true but we were there with them,getting inspired through their dedication and encouraged by their love’
Pastor Ayodele&Ariyike Makinwa-Members of the Board of Directors,International School of Ministry.

‘One of the greatest business moguls in Africa,married to the most elegant doctor,cook and mother anyone could ask for. Need I say more?’
Matthias Sycamore-Business Weekly & Home Living-New York.

“A charming tale of my two babies.I’ve never met a couple who loves themselves more,I’m proud of you both. God Bless You!
Queen Regent Ayoka of Ayetoro

“It’s an insightful story. They’ve both surpassed my thoughts and dreams. God is really Faithful”
Mrs Shade Braithwaite.

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  4. Thanks guys! I must admit,its been quite a bumpy ride..but you all have made it worthwhile..plus,your constructive critcisms encouraged me to brush up my skills.. I’m very grateful to everyone who criticised,commented,read one or two episodes and got bored,and those who were with Orunmila’s letter all the way!! Urging you all to await several upcoming works of mine; Tales of Tera and Almost Eighteen. PS- I’m sticking more with my teenage side in these two pieces..lol

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