it’s not okay to miss her

Will I know peace again tonight
As i lay down, before i turn out the light
Out of your lips, will there be a careless whisper
My friend, it’s not okay to miss her

Where do broken hearts go, a mystery untold
Where do they channel their hate, the pain served cold
The sleep in your eyes replaced by a bereaved mind
Can’t stop thinking, can’t leave the past behind

So hear me, as you dive into the ocean
A raging storm, a fire that still burn
Loving this woman was once beautiful
Knowing her is not worth you being pitiful

Did you not hold hands, walk in the park
Did you not kiss her, anniversaries mark
The envy of all, lovingly standing tall
A lesson to all, an handwriting on the wall

Did you not see her unclad
Made love to her body and felt glad
Ignored her needs, She lived in wishful thinking
You had her, but your boat was sinking

How I touched her heart, I’ll never know
And it wasn’t long, the sparkle did grow
Here in my arms, a girl that once was yours
Happy as can be, can this get any worse?

I can’t turn her away, she loves me
A one night stand way more than it should be
Always at the other end when I hang up
Way more than friends, I just can’t stop

I may lie that I don’t know what to do
You are my friend, that’s the painful part too
I’m not worthy to look you in the face
I stink of her touch, corroded with her embrace

Oh! will you find the peace you deserve
Forgive her, forget her, She is all I have
My deserved place beside my childhood crush
please do, ‘cos I love her so much

Yea I’ll know peace again tonight
She’s here with me, as i turn out the light
Out of her lips, She’ll moan in whisper
So my friend; it’s not okay to miss her.

6 thoughts on “it’s not okay to miss her” by Bright Benson (@brytandre)

  1. the writer sounds cold blooded. its never ok to break a relationship let alone someone u wud say wasur friend. dts evil. karma is real and eventually catches up. u break two pple who luv each oda ad den brag about it? i do wish dis poem is fiction….cos if twas real…d writer deserves to be shot.

  2. Maybe i speak so strongly bout dis cos i have a similar experience but y on earth will u havea one night stand wit d girl of ur friend?any relatnship based on betrayal and treachery is cursed…

    With the many girls all over the world, u had to settle for the girl belonging to ur friend… it doesnt show how manly u re…shows ur class…

    1. @sucess001 well I’m the writer and I wrote based on experience too. My girlfriend was taken and I did take someone else’s. I’m narrating an everyday event u seeming tagged “cold blooded?” lol. Apart from my experience, its only logical to not “cry over spilled milk”


      1. Dt doesn’t justify ur actions bro. Its made worse wen d guy u took her from is ur friend. It aint right and it aint proper. I don’t even subscribe to being so close to a girl in a serious relatnship so as to make her start having doubts. We shd have some level of integrity in our actions…sooo I ll disagree with u on that.

        Ur argument sounds more like…they stole frm me, I stole from someone else…stealing happens everyday….

        Does that justify stealing?

        1. No its more like “they steal your girl? Get over it!” and I don’t mean it the harsh way. Not forgetting the girl chose to indulge too. Durrr. Him being my friend or not, a steal is a steal.

  3. This one… hmm okeyy

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