Lost in Siberia

It meant but one thing as they approached her door
Flag in hand and a letter from war
Her eyes clung to each words as she read
Gently sobbed; these were the words he said

“can’t be stronger than I already am
It can weigh heavy on my mind than a kilogram
Certainly yea, I won’t be there to share
I’m missing home, your love and your care

“the distance between us speaks for itself
The miles to cover, can’t help myself
From letting the words ride in the wind to you
I miss you my baby, I so certainly do”

“I miss the joy I feel, you awake by my side
The warmth of your skin, fills me with pride
The woman I love and always wanted
Lying next to me, sharing my bed”

“The taste of your lips, I savour your essence
Your hug and smile, I melt in your presence
Together playing as we walk in the park
Together making love right after dark”

“Yes we do fight, but it is short-lived
You giggle, our laughter, the air we breathe
Births forgiveness, our love ever renewed
Your gentle nature, babe you are all that is good

“One night will pass, one day more may
Till I see your face, I’ll miss you everyday
I’ll come home to you and find rest
I miss you Tricia, I miss you my dearest

A day more and she would have held him
He returned a ghost, or so it seem
I saw her fears fall as her heart shatter
He is gone, lost in Siberia.

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