Let There Be Light

Let there be light… years ahead I was from the truth

kicking insanity running in its boot

rooted in ignorance, there was no way I could produce fruit

of truth

I was in hell, blinded by the sooth

my branches wither, it could not shoot


I was passing my life like a confused player

he that directed my life was bad, I was not producing thrillers

my boxed office never made it to the cinemas

I was groping in darkness, stretching my hand for something to hold

I was living in hell, my spirit cold

life was a mystery to me better told untold

in my fears I was shivering, I’ll fold

in my lies and addiction


of Christ but lived in contradiction

I could not ‘shoot’ for the stars cause i was just a ‘passerby’ without a ‘goal’

eyes opened but still closed

darkness was light wrapped in lies

I was imprisoned, trapped in fine

bars behind my mind, I

Lived a life lacking love

but I regularly went to church

the preachings meant nothing to me

they were NULL things to me

so in my quest for comfort i met miss-conception…

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