Lesson Learnt

Being the last born and only boy among four girls,i always did what i wanted
and got away with it. I was rude,stubborn,naughty and full of mischief.
My parents were always warning me and my sisters were always complaining
about one thing or the other that i did but i never changed. At the age
of sixteen,i felt on top of the world and i continued with my behaviour
until i learnt to change my behaviour the hard way. God decided to
teach me a lesson,a lesson never to be forgotten.

It all happened one beautiful weekend when everyone was out and i was
home alone;I was bored and i decided to take a walk around the
neighbourhood. On my way i met my friend Kunle driving his father’s car.
I had always envied him because he knew how to drive and i
didn’t,although he didn’t know this since i always boasted in school
that i knew how to drive. So on sighting him,we exchanged pleasantries
and i asked him where he was heading to and he replied “am just cruising
around”;he asked me the same question and i replied that i was just
taking a walk so he offered me a lift which i accepted. Then as we were
going,he told me he was tired of driving and that could i please take
over the wheels. I was so excited that i accepted the offer immediately
not even thinking at all,once we were in the car i ignited it and had
things under control when all of a sudden i stepped my foot on the
accelerator really hard;in panick,i swerved to the right and crashed
into another vehicle.

Kunle and I sustained minor injuries but both cars were seriously
damaged;The police were called to intervene and i knew i was done for.
We were first taken to the hospital then after being treated we were
taken to the police station and we were asked to write down our
statement after which they called our parents. Thirty minutes later,our
parents arrived and were told what happened. We were later granted bail
and we departed to our various homes. On getting home,my father took me
into his room and beat the hell out of me that day and he kept asking
“what spirit entered you?” but i had no answer to his question. My
parents had to pay for the damages of the vehicle i crashed into and
ever since that day my life never remained the same and i changed my
behaviour. It was indeed a Lesson Learnt and i would never forget that
And ever since that unforgettable day,i kept wondering the spirit that
entered me that day.

7 thoughts on “Lesson Learnt” by Omowonuola (@Omowonuola)

  1. Am sure you’ve indeed learnt. also, try to allow some one else proof-read ur article before posting. as a writer, you cant be ur own copy-editor. Thanks and keep writing to improve.

  2. @shovey is just on point…you need to properly edit your work in order to pass across your message, check out my flash fiction, @omowonuola, at http://www.naijastories.com/2014/10/root-alago-people/ and comment, good or bad.


  3. I believe the proper term is Lesson learned. You sort of rushed through the story as if you were briefly informing a friend of what happened. Try to take your time. Even I am guilty of rushing throughstories so I understand. Keep writing

  4. # lesson learned #hardway


  6. you wrote a beautiful story. proof read or not i feel everyone has a story to tell and that shouldnt be a criteria to telling your story here. Not all of us here on NS are “gurus” in the use of English and literature as it pertains to writing writing. Most are here for the passion they have for writing. welldone@omowonuola

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