The Journey: 5

I turn around, and run to save our lives. It was a narrow road with no corners , I kept on running as they were shooting. I ran so fast and steadily until luckily that I found a safe place close to the bush.

Hmm! My late father ones says ‘ Death is inevitable’. I heard the anguish voice of death penetrating the territory of my safe. The groaning pains of travails resulted to death of the innocent. All I promised was the safety of her granddaughter, all I said was ‘ adieu grandma’. I closed her eyes with my right palm sobbing like a baby.

” If the mind of man can believe, the mind of man can achieve”.

I prepared myself for journey of promises, I looked around with all eyes if the beast are nearby. Hmm! as I left my safe…I didn’t know what to do at that moment, all I heard and felt was a hard knock on my head.

I was shocked and furious, seeing part of human meat on my head dropped by a vulture.

” This meat be like person edo (liver)” I said as I assessed the meat with courage. I was never afraid because my eyes had seen lot already even the private ones.

My late father ones said ” you do not learn to use your left hand in old age”. Hmm! I walked all alone like a mad man crying and chanting ” oluwa ooo jowo yo emi ati ebi mi ninu idamu yi ( ooh God please lead me and my family out from this travails)”

I kept on walking, moving and pushing myself with my weak legs till I got to an uncompleted building where I rest my legs. The thought of the old woman rang in my head, it pains me so much that she didn’t see her granddaughter before she dies. I was helpless and exhausted, no one to talk to, It was just me and innocent dead bodies.

” ooh God its getting dark and about to rain, please save and make me find my family and Jessica in good health” I prayed sobbing.

I proceed with the journey in search of my people with no food in my tummy. I was so hungry and tasty that weakens me, not too long that I heard a loud horn like the one of a trailer from nowhere.

” What is that?” I asked myself as I groaned and my heart bleeding in fear. I kept on walking, looking all angle repeatedly… On getting to a mini bridge that separated the streets, I saw a van moving towards me, I was scared, looking up at the sky, pleading for God’s protection with tears in my eyes. Hmm! Right in front of me are three hefty soldiers.

” Ooh ooh ooh” I clamored on seeing strong and scaring faces.

” are you okay? Come with us” one of the soldiers said.

I was happy, but something in me held me back. I was skeptical, but eventually, I followed them to the van and drove off.

” please I need your help. I can’t find my people. We came here for a wedding and those bastards attacked us.

“Don’t worry we’ll search for them,  you are safe.

” Hmm! Fear na bastard. Why I’m I scared?… This people are good, they are truly soldiers?” I said within.

They gave me a bottle of Pepsi to drink which I drank. I was elated knowing fully well that I’m safe and that I will safely search for my people with the help of the soldiers. I rest my back in excitement and dozed off.

3 thoughts on “The Journey: 5” by Inuwa Usman (@noble4d)

  1. wow! safety indeed, for you to drink pepsi is enough. I pray you find your family and jessica

  2. Hmmmm Safe??? Methinks u r so far from it but sha o am keeping my fingers crossed and hope the reunion will happen sooner than expected

    1. Alry thanks for your comments.

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