The Journey: 4

I saw an old woman soaked in blood, bruises all over her. It was hard to hold on to my emotion when she said ” help me my son”… At first I was afraid, but I steadied myself, carried her at my back like a baby and zoomed out searching for help.

” If a man is born in a stable, he does not become a horse, but if he lives long in the stable, he will behave like a horse”.

Everywhere so silent and appeared like a burial ground, all that goes through my mind was to find a help and drop the old woman. I was tired, tired of walking. The most annoying thing is that the old woman kept yelling at me ” I don’t want to die ooo, take me to the hospital”.

” huch…I see no hospital here, I don’t even know here” I said within.

All i could do is to calm the old woman. Hmm! My eyes so red like a burning fire, my hands and legs so weak to flow,my ears hearing sounds of murmurs from afar, sounds of gunshots, sounds of steps that sink my heart. Hmm! I saw them running towards us, pointing and shooting their guns… I was down, so so down, all I wished for was wings to fly high. I’ve already givenup, but the weak voice of the old woman ( pls save me) got me stronger. I held her tightly to my back, running, running, and running without looking back,. They kept on shooting and running after us like rugby players, I looked different angles but nowhere to hide. ” are you okay ma” I asked…but all what she said is ” they are getting closer, keep on running”. I kept on running, running, and running so fast not minding if i fall, I ran firmly till I got to a rough road where we hide in a cave.

Hmm! My late father ones said ‘ A twisted hand cannot grip well’. The old woman was so weak pleading for me to get her water to drink…with blood gushing from her nose.

” Oh God what should I do…this old woman is asking for a risky favour, I pray I find a safe place to drop her so as to search for my family” I said within.

Not too long I saw a bird flying, gazing at it, trying to know what kind of bird it is and its colour…I moved my eyes straight, round as it flies from one point to another .” this bird no go land here? I pondered.The bird kept flying until it landed on a big table in a silent shop not too far from the cave.

Hmm God is great! Behind it was bags of pure water and cookies, I was elated and all smiles knowing fully well that we’ll feed ourselves. The old woman was happy, for the first time, I see her smile.

” Do not ambush a crocodile when you are near a river”.

As I was about to move out, I saw two hefty men with sharp cutlasses and knives close to us.

” ooh my God, they are here” I said to the old woman in a low tone.she was scared, begging me to protect her, holding me tightly, sobbing like an infant. I was touched by her emotion, looking weird and mean, ready to kill anyone who comes close to her.

They were so close to the cave, gazing at every angle. I overheard their discussions…

” man 1- e bi like say person dey around here”

” man 2- me self dey smell blood”

” man 1- bros make we check behind that big rock”.

As they got nearer to where we are, I held still to a long fat nail ready to fight with no fear, my veins were opened, my right hand formed like the fist of jet Lee.

Hmm! As they were about entering where we are, I don’t know what happened, all I saw was athletes, running as fast as usain bolt.

” ooh my God , is like they were scared of me” I boasted. laughing loudly, didn’t even noticed that the old woman has been praying.

I set for the task, looking different angles with all eyes. I took all what I needed and zoomed back.

” ooh God forgive me if I steal” I prayed after eating some cookies and drank two sachet of pure water.

It was like a movie scene, seeing myself as a hero that passed through travails. I was contented with what I did, seeing the old woman eating was my joy…though, I didn’t forget my family, I was optimistic…I looked up to the sky praying to Almighty God for the safety of my family as tears drops from my eyes.

” Are you okay my son? The old woman asked, placing her right weak hand on my lap.

” hmm! To be honest with you ma, I have mixed heart” I responded sobbing.

” what do you mean my son…and besides what’s your name? She asked.

“I’m olawale and… I’m searching for my family, I can’t find them, it’s disturbing me so much ma” I said.

” Don’t worry my son you’ll find them. I’m also searching for my 15yrs old granddaughter… her name is Jessica, pls I beg you in the name of God, find her for me…here is her picture, you can leave me here, just go I’ll be fine” she stated.

” oooh no grandma, leaving you here is dangerous… I will help you to a safe place and search for your granddaughter.

” hmm! You are a good boy, may Almighty God bless you and your family”.

“Amen” I said.

My eyes dazzling and my mouth chanting for help. We came out from our safe and I carried her like a baby. I walked with my resurrected legs and look with my loyal eyes…hmm! Everywhere full with human parts and blood. I saw fresh bodies laying helplessly on the ground soaked in blood, I stood still looking at the faces of the dead if any is familiar. Just like a jimmy-jam walk, stepping on dead bodies like a beast.
” Are you okay grandma” I asked the old woman…she didn’t raise her head up to see the dead ones.

Hmm! Not too long that I saw them running towards us, chanting (catch them, kill them).

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  1. Different strokes for different folks. this is intriguing! God will help Adewale, I pray he doesn’t get killed. I’m sure he wont be as he is the narrator. waiting patiently for the other part. @NOBLE4D pls don’t let it take a while before posting others. tanx

    1. Surely, I won’t disappoint… Thanks

  2. Hmmmm what a Journey!!!

    1. Thanks for reading.

  3. nice story, waiting to see the next installement

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