The Fattening, by Royver

The Efik tribe can be found in Cross River and Akwa Ibom States of Nigeria.


Idara sat quietly under the blazing sun, his hand on his chin, contemplating. For a brief moment he was alone in the world, alone with his thoughts as he considered the life-changing journey he was about to undertake. The magnificent beads on his wrist and neck hardly made a sound as he shifted position and sighed again as he waited for his partner who would embark on this journey with him. It had been two hours already, where was she for goodness sake? For a fleeting moment he considered that something might have happened to her and his heart skipped a beat at the prospect.

Uduak sat still in the cool room bustling with activity as women hurried in and out. In the past two hours she had been bathed, massaged with special herbs, dressed with expensive and exotic beads and fed with rich food twice. Her maternal auntie looked at her in apprehension.

When Uduak finally came out of the fattening house Idara’s jaw dropped in awe at the dazzling beauty. Skin as smooth and shiny as a new born baby’s, hips and waist so fat and supple, she was the epitome of beauty itself. Her full cheeks spread apart in a hypnotizing and contagious smile that revealed pure white teeth. Each movement of her rotund form displayed supple oscillating flesh that made Idara’s cheeks burn with desire. He knew she would add a lot of weight in the fattening house but he could never have imagined how beautiful her rotund form would be to him. All his doubts and fears melted away.

Here at last was his partner for his life’s journey. Here at last was his beautiful bride.

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  1. No I beg to disagree with that please the Efik tribe can only be found in cross river state mostly Akpabuyo,Odukpani and some parts of Calabar esp Calabar south, while the Ibibios are mainly from Akwa Ibom…apart from that this was great capturing the fattening room culture tho its fast becoming extinct

    1. Ok, thanks for the correction. I actually cross-checked with google before submitting and it was mentioned that Efik was found both in Cross-river and Akwa-ibom states.

  2. I know nothing about the geographical accuracy but i do know that i like this. Short, yes but enlightening and it reads like a love poem no less! Good job.

  3. I long for this fattening room even though i’m not Efik. I had seen documentaries on it and seen brides from the room; wish i’d go there soon. Awesome!

    1. Hehehe, seriously?

  4. Nice and short well done a great flash piece

  5. Good job. Efik people are found in Cross river while Ibibio people are found in Akwa Ibom. Both tribes put brides to be in the fattening room. I love this story on many levels. 1) I am a Yoruba woman married to an Akwa Ibom man. 2) My daughter’s name is Idara (it means Joy) and 3) I also wrote about the fattening room. My story is titled Mbobi and is also on the longlist.

    1. Hey that’s a wonderful coincidence. Would love to read your entry.

  6. Another ‘Fattening room’ story and I didn’t tire reading another one because this was told well. Can I take the beautiful Uduak home with me? :D. In three sentences you made her ‘sumptuous’. ‘Sumptuous’ – I hope that isn’t politically incorrect sha? :D. The last lines read like a couplet.
    By the way, his hand is on his chin, of course he was ‘contemplating’. A tad superfluous. Then, ‘oscillating flesh’ made me raise my eyebrows; I’m not sure if that really works. ‘she was the epitome of beauty itself ‘ also wasn’t necessary – let the description do the narration. Show us her beauty – which you did.
    Good job. I enjoyed your story. Well done.

    1. Thank you. In ‘oscillating flesh’ i was trying to draw attention to the fact that in this particular context being fat was akin to being beautiful, unlike the what pertains in general society that the skinner a woman is the prettier. (which i pesonally think is more of an adapted western concept).
      Also please correct me if i am wrong but i think i was the first to write about fattening rooms.
      Thanks once again, I have taken note of your highlights.

  7. Now, this is what I call a beautiful flash story.

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