The Execution

Benin people of Edo state.
It was 1965, Osariemen, now bound in chains, stared ahead doing his best not to look at the human head in a clay pot in front of him. Although he is not the Oba’s first son, but he is still a prince of the Bini kingdom, and his father will not let them kill him irrespective of his offence. He watched as the sunlight bounced off the partially shaven heads of the chiefs as they emerged from the inner chambers of the palace, clad in their expensive white, dress and thick ox-blood colored bead dangling freely round their necks. Their face remained expressionless as they stood, forming a half moon shape round the throne. The Oba emerged from his inner room, and for the first time, Osariemen felt fear. The transformation was visible, his father has moved from being a father to being the Oba. The decisions have been made and the Oba looked pensive. The palace secretary then came forward, raising his voice slightly above the murmuring crowd, he read out the charges against him. He had raped and beheaded a twelve year old, for rituals. The penalty for such heinous crime is no doubt death, by the sword. It’s now obvious that no one, not even his father can save him. He has become the no-nonsense Oba of the ancient kingdom. The pronouncement was made. The Oba rose and headed back to his chamber without a backward glance his way. The executioner was ready, and the last thing Osariemen saw was the sunrays bouncing of the blades of the sword as it flew towards his head, as the crowd cried out in shock. He jerked up from sleep to hear his cousins shouting in shock. Chelsea just narrowly missed a goal against Manchester United. Osanobuaaa.

13 thoughts on “The Execution” by McDonald (@mcnald)

  1. What a dream!!! Didn’t see that coming but Osariemen should thank God that it was only a dream o

  2. Hahaha omg! “Osanobuaaa” my mom’s favorite word when am off causing trouble again. I honestly enjoyed this. I could just imagine the whole scene with the Oba, the people surrounding Osariemen, the chiefs clothing when they emerged. Thank God that this was just a dream. This boy must have had this dream like last sunday, because that last match between Man United and Chelsea was deadly, almost made me run mad when Chelsea scored the first goal.. mshew I be wan dream too!!!

    1. Thnks dear, gud to knw u enjoyed it…bt please stop givin mum, trouble…Lol


  4. HAHA! Love the ending…

  5. It is now an established trend in writing never to end a story as a dream. Too many authors do this and it destroys a potentially good story.

    1. Point noted, knowledge added, lesson learnt @ dan…thanks.

  6. Jeez! This is superb!

  7. I enjoyed this, the suspense most of all. The first sentence was a good opening – it instantly placed me at the scene of the story. It needs some editing. Some of the sentences need ‘trimming’. ‘…the blades of the sword as it flew towards his head, as the crowd cried out in shock.’ I wasn’t sure what was ‘flying’ or whether a sword has blades.
    Again, I enjoyed this story and liked it. Well done.

  8. tnks @ damilola. very objective observations. will mk them better nxt tym.

  9. @mcnald I guess your critics were wrong the dream sequence is probably what got you the win! Congrats darling on a wonderfu entry

    1. Thnks to u all for stopping by and for ur observations…I rily appreciate u all…to u Ivie, thnks for ur confidence in d work…strictly Bini…

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