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This eBook is TNN’S first issue and it’s FREE!!!  CLICK TO DOWNLOAD

It is a collection of short stories, poem, and opinion pieces from The Nukan Niche BlogMag. It also contains an insight into our upcoming online series.

The Contributors of this eBook include some of the best freelance writers in Naija:
Mimi Adebayo (NS queen of suspense), who has featured on many Nigerian blogs including Myne Whitman’s. She currently writes a weekly article for Pride Magazine;
Topazo, founder of the only blog in Nigeria that is fully dedicated to poetry;
Fadehan, co-founder of the The Nukan Niche BlogMag;
Funmi, author and creator of TNN’s FunPen short-story column;
Dubem, a young and ruthless opinion writer.
Then we have our guest writer, Dike Nsoedo, coming on board with his MV(most-viewed) online short story titled, The Final Dinner…


This eBook wouldn’t be FREE forever so take the opportunity now! Download and enjoy the story of the year and WIN!!!



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  1. Already got a copy. It makes a nice read.

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