Somebody please beg Chris! nomatter the wrong I have done him. I’ve been begging since last night, somebody please tell Chris to forgive me and come to me… Tell him I really love him. Please tell him I really do.

Devils are demonic spirits that sometimes dwell among men, wearing our kind of skins and acting our kind of lifestyles. Sometimes, they wore good looks and other times, they loved to be seen as them. Not all men and women are devils, some are their preys. However, there is one thing distinct about the devils, even they are terribly afraid of men, who aren’t devils but devlier than the devils themselves.

There have been many reasons why he could have filed a divorce against Tina, but Chris found himself finding it hard taking that relieving route. He had always believed in the workability of Marriage and learning from his parents who gave up easily and made him grow up a bastard, Chris was keen on giving his marriage everything it took, especially with the fruit of a four year old boy now involved, of whom, Chris soo detested having to suffer the young lad the same fate as he.

Chris chuckled quietly to himself. ‘Tina had really been a pain in the arse’ he thought, but ‘Heck! The relationship is already approaching four years now. That is wonderful.’

While everyone suggested otherwise, Chris remained faithful to his promise on their wedding day, he knew many people would have said several things behind their back while he was getting married with a smile to a lady with a bulged belly. People would have said ‘It can’t work, It can’t last, It can’t hold, They can’t win. . .’ and Unfortunately for the poor smiling bride beside him, her belly was not the kind that any wedding frock could easily hide, so even though the tailor helped her with extra cotton on her white gown, the belly still showed that someone – most predictably himself, had visited her engine room and kept a fraction of himself there.

It was seven weeks after their wedding that she gave birth to his bouncy baby boy – whom he decided to call Solomon, due to his out of wedlock formation. Rumours went high in Chris’ ears, many claimed to have caught Tina visiting their landlord at odd hours, others claimed that she was dating her boss at work, some even said they saw her with Timon – Chris’ closest friend. But all they said fell on Chris deaf ears.

Afterall, these were the same people that thought he couldn’t make it in life, they all left him alone when he had that very serious eye problem of which the doctors said he would be permanently blind. Even his mother, had refused to contribute a dine to his operation, seeing it as unnecessary when compared to the cheap solution of getting him blind without pain. Tina had insisted that the doctors started the expensive operation, while she went out in search for the money.

Only God and Tina knew where she got the ordered money- three million Naira – from, and when his eyes opened again, and he got employed once again, in a bigger and well paying company. Everybody that had left him, came back into his life like tons of tsetse flies just discovering delicious excreta.

He became their milk bag again, and they came back one by one, with all their long list of needs, claiming and proofing the importance of every number, as if they would have died if he had.

Now the same people were filling his ears everyday with their sad tales of catching his wife here and catching her there. The funniest was Mama Bello, who even brought a camera phone, and showed him four different pictures of his own wife on a bed with another man. All the pictures were not clearly taken, the face of the lady displayed only a blurry silhouette which looked more like Mama Bello’s first daughter than Tina; so even that didn’t call his attention to caution in time.

Before leaving, Mama Bello said something that kept him laughing for days,

“My dear, don’t forget the thing you promised to send me ooo” She had joked while saying it, but Chris knew that was the major reason behind her visit then – the major reason why she must have forced her daughter to act sex scenes with another man so as to convince Chris that they loved him more than his cheating wife.

‘The thing’ he had promised her, was three hundred thousand naira, because she had claimed that her shop needed a new branch at the local market very close to her house and all her savings was ripe enough to accomplish that project if only she could get a little assistance of three hundred thousand naira from him.

“…and I will pay you back when I make the first income from the shop. I promise” and then she suddenly wore a sincere face as if she was going to cry because not embarking on the project would mean death to her. The emotional look reminded Chris of what her last words were again, ‘. . . pay you back. . . I promise’ which she had said with similar expression, the last two times he borrowed her money. Of which she was not only yet to return any of them but she was also deliberately not talking about it at all.

“…and don’t forget what I said too, Tina is cheating. Everybody knows.” As she stood from her sit and started leaving she added that as a reminder and a cover up for her actual demand, and as a kind of way to advertise that her daughter too was ripe enough for marriage, “It is an abomination on our family’s part to marry a promiscuous wife.” She warned and left.


Chris shook his head when she was gone and slept on the couch until his wife came back from work.

“They said you are promiscuous” He decided to give it a try, when he asked Tina during their dinner. They both laughed it over, as if it was some big joke.

“Did you give them the money they demanded?” She asked sternly, abruptly killing the laughter on their faces.

“Not yet.”

“You should. It appears she is desperately in need of the money for her shop.”

Chris stared at his beautiful wife, she had all the physical assistance she needed to be promiscuous, and the kind of exposure she had, opened her to the chances, but Chris found it hard to believe that the woman who went through the rigour of giving him his sight would share his bed with someone else who can’t have been as good as he was in bed.

“If you don’t have enough at the moment. I think I have about 150K I can still afford to spare.” She slept with a sincere face, making him feel like getting twelve long sticks and flogging his stupid family members with.

Then it happened.

Somebody please beg Chris! nomatter the wrong I have done him. I’ve been begging since last night, somebody please tell Chris to forgive me and come to me… Tell him I really love him. Please tell him I really do!

Chris wanted to say, ‘Tina! What could you ever do to hurt me? Tina I’m never gonna leave your side’ But his family broke into his office and distorted his dream.

“What is it now?!” He shouted, before his blurred sleepy eyes opened clearly, and he saw his mother, Mama Bello, Damilola (his mother’s younger sister) and Phelix (Chris’ elder brother) all lined in one single file in his office. They were the only beings he could call his procreative family and even though they were his life’s devils. Shouting at them just didn’t seem to solve it now.

“Sir, I tried to stop them at the reception, but they pushed me away and insisted on seeing you now. They wouldn’t even spare me the ten seconds to call you.” His secretary said defensively at the doorway where she stood combatively, and with a gentle nod, he explained to her that there was no problem. She exited.

“Yes?” He said as he turned to them.

“Akangbe, Omo ola, Omo re bi iyan, om… -” His mother started singing his eulogy as she’ll always do, but as if he knew how much it disgusted his younger brother, Phelix , whom his mother had taken away with herself when she left her marital home, cut in rudely.

“Chris, you must follow us now!”

“Where to?” the gentle man protested, the fact that he now owned where he worked didn’t mean that he had to rush out of work to anywhere not directly relating to Tina.

“Just come!” Phelix insisted.

“I said where to? See. I have a lot of things to do now, I -”

“Ooh! And that was why we met you sleeping. Heh? Important things and sleeping don’t seem to tarry the last time I checked.”

“See,” Chris said sternly, he knew Tina would have hated him raising voices at his family members, but this time, it just really seem out of control.

“Oya, come and receive the shock of your life then,”

Still standing and trying to put the words together in a meaningful thought, Mama Bello spoke, “Come and see what is happening to Tina.”

At the sound of Tina, Chris went bananas, and grabbed the key of his car, while he led them all outside, as if her already knew where they were taking him to.

If anything went wrong with Tina, there was absolutely no other option he could conclude than suicide’

They directed him to a flat near his office, and they alighted from the vehicle quickly, he kept asking “which way?”, and they kept telling until they got to the sitting room. Then, he had an inkling of what they wanted to show him.

As they entered the flat with very strict warning to be quiet, Chris realized that whatever they had planned was with the conniving (fraternizing) of the houseboy of the owner of the house, because they kept meeting all the doors opened, until they got to a master’s bedroom and Chris’ brother beckoned for him to open it, while they all stood behind staring excitedly at the drama that would unfold.

When he opened, they all pressed forward to see, and there was his wife indeed, standing close to her was the owner of the house and another man. It was not anything close to a threesome sex, as Chris’ followers had thought, because the audible sentence they heard from the room before barging in was, “Let us pray.”

“Christopher!” His wife shouted with astonishment and excitement,

“Brother Christopher,” The man beside her shouted to, with embarrassment at having the crowd instantly present in the bedroom.

“Pastor!” Chris said, he felt extremely shy that he had followed his family in the first place. Oh! Tina, this is the place you said you were coming to pray for a sick woman”

“Oh that is the ‘your husband’ that you spoke soo much about ma?” The owner of the house who they must have thought was having an affair with his wife said. Then, turning beside him in a very weak movement of her body was the man’s sick wife, who they hadn’t known was there with them, and who the trio were going to pray upon before they barged in.

“Praise the Lord!” The pastor said, “At least we have more Christian brothers and sisters to join us in prayers now.”

Chris turned around to his bewildered family members.

“Never you come near my door step for any single thing again in your lives until you all die!” He walked out of the hallway and headed straight back into his car. His family kept trudging after him, falling over themselves and standing up again. But when he drove off without listening, they all turned to his wife and fell on their knees – only she could determine Chris’ next line of action.

Devils are really terrible demonic spirits that sometimes dwell among men, but even they are terribly afraid of men, who aren’t devils but devlier than the devils. And those who aren’t devils but much more dangerous and much more powerful than the devils are those men choose to call THE ANGELS!

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  1. The most wicked among God’s creature is human. Devil sure dwells in some people, he is free, roaming about looking for a vacant abode. he’ll succeed only if we allow him…… devil-incarnate family!

  2. sia (@sarahmorgan)

    This was really good……. I actually did not see that comming

  3. Lmao…….”let us pray”?????, this would have made an awesome hilarious Nollywood flick!!!!
    LOOL…….guyy yhu no well at all******trying hard not to laugh anymore****

  4. Oh wow! I loved loved loved reading this. Kept my attention till the very end! so my question is was the wife really cheating??? I read the last scene like twice and I feel as though am missing something.

    1. she’s definately not cheating………

  5. And now the ever dutiful wife needs to keep begging the husband to Forgive his devil incarnated family members…just thinking if the scene had played out their own way whether they would have beg Chris to Forgive her like she’s now doing

  6. Def kept my attention. “Let us pray”? Erm…That part was Nollywoodish. But this is still good story telling.

  7. Devils are really terrible demonic spirits that sometimes dwell among men, but even they are terribly afraid of men, who aren’t devils but devlier than the devils. And those who aren’t devils but much more dangerous and much more powerful than the devils are those men choose to call THE ANGELS!

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