Dark Fantasies 2

‘I think she’s not human.’ Mark said clasping his hand together, he was trying hard not to slap Musa across his face.

Gaskiya!, machiji ko mamiwata.’ Musa said in splits of laughter.

‘I’m serious, she’s too beautiful.’ Mark said. ‘And if you’re not going to be of any help, leave my office abeg.’ He stood up and mockingly shooed Musa away.

‘Okay lets get serious what really happened? maybe you did not perform well, perhaps below average, you know you haven’t done it in a while, maybe thats why it failed.’

Mark flung his writting pad at Musa  who was laughing uncontrollably.

‘Why did she run?’ Mark asked again.

‘Take it easy, maybe na hit and run, check your house maybe she stole something or it might be just your dark fantasies, your overactive imagination.’ Musa added.

‘Maybe.’ Mark said, but he knew she hadn’t stole, would not have stolen and it was certainly not his dark fantasies, she was real.

Mark had woken up with a smile on his lips, he felt groggy like someone who had been fed sedatives, then he remembered his escapade the previous night. He turned to hold Emma his new girl, the one that kept him busy but she was not there, he deduced she must be in the toilet since the tap was running.

Something was happening to him, a part of him he didn’t know he had was suddenly coming to life, like a flower blossoming in spring and showing all the beautiful buried colours inside.

He was feeling something he had vowed never to feel for any woman for personal reasons, he wanted to see her,he had a urge to barge into the washroom and grab her but he was a gentle man, so he decided to settle for her picture, he had taken several shots of her when he thought she was not looking.

Zap! no picture of Emma in his media files, he checked again no Emma.

‘Holy shit.’ He mutterd and decided to wait, the tap was still running, 30 mins, no Emma and the tap was still running in the same manner, no splash, no interruption.

Kon kon he banged softly on the door, no answer, he knocked again and waited, only the sound of the tap penetrated the silence, then he had all sort of ideas, could she have fallen or passed out.

He opened the door, the tap was indeed running but there was no Emma in sight, he walked back to the room, switched on the light and noticed her clothes were gone, he peeped through the window, so was her car.  He took his phone and contemplated calling, finally he decided to call. Though he knew women better, grovel and they take you for granted, being hard core was what they wanted, but damn all those philosophical bullshit, he just wanted to hear Emma’s voice so he decided to dial and then her number was gone, from the call log and contacts. After sitting down a while and gathering what had happened, she driving them back to his place, she refusing to acknowledge his request to add and follow her on social networks, her evasive answers, secretive ways, it occured to him that she just wanted to get laid and he had been used.

He was so depressed he had to tell Musa his colleague about it.

‘How is madam?’ He asked Musa.

‘Madam dey kampe, you should get a madam too, she might not be as beautiful as my Hafsat but she should love you and hit and and run no go happen to you again.’

‘May be you’re right.’ Mark said getting up.

‘I wan do rounds.’

‘Ok na, I have to scrub in a few minutes too.’ Musa said.

‘Hello Dr Mark.’ A female voiced said.

Dr Anita  Nkrameh was standing astride the door, with a smug smile on her face.

‘Hi Anita.’

‘Dear you look and sound glum.’

‘I’m good.’ He replied

‘Maybe we should have a drink together and I can cheer you up.’

‘No thanks, I have plans already.’

‘I see, maybe next time.’ She said and kissed Mark on the lips.

Mark wasn’t surprised, it wasn’t her first time.

‘Just give her what she’s begging for now.’ Musa said.

‘I have plans for lunch already.’

‘No bofoon, not drinks the thing you know na.’Musa said winking with one eye. ‘And she wont run off.’

‘You’re sick Musa.’

‘She’s good looking.’

‘Why dont you have her then?’

‘No she’s beautiful but not as much as my Hafast, anyway Anita’s reign will soon end in this hospital.’


‘There is a new female doctor coming and I hear she’s hot and rich.’

‘Musa where you dey get your info from?’

‘Radio niger.’



Gentle and tender like a flower, calm as ice are the phrases that can describe Chioma, she watched while Emily screamed when Faisal fainted, she dashed to the kitchen and came back with a bottle of water and sprinkled on him and his eyes opened.

She’d helped him to the living room and made him sit, he was still apprehensive.

‘Faisal are you okay?’

His eyes were still darting around like he was afraid of something.

‘How could you just faint like that?’ Emily asked, her voice laced with anger, fear and relief.

‘Chioma which door were you talking about?’ He asked.

‘The kitchen door, you had just come from there right?’

Faisal let out a long sigh and relaxed.

‘What did you think we were talking about?’ Emily asked disdainfully.

‘Nothing.’ He replied.

It was Chioma’s last day in Premium care clinic, she moved through the formalities as though it was a normal day, as if she would come to work the following day, coming early, clocking in and greeting everybody from the gateman to her fellow doctors with a flashing smile, such qualities made her special among the rest.

She gave without expecting anything in return, helped the the weak and donated more than half of her salary to pay bills for poor patients, played with the kids.

She was very modest for someone born to extremely rich parents, her beauty was enhanced by her goodness, average height, chocolate colour and dimples made her smile outstanding.

She was clearing out her desk into a carton when David entered.

‘Hello beautiful.’ He greeted with a smile and side hug.

‘Hi David.’ She replied returning the gestures with adequate distance.

‘So you’re actually gonna leave us.’ He said in his deep american accent

‘The decision is final.’

‘CMD is not happy, he even queried me, he wanted to be sure our relationship didn’t make you take this decision.’

‘You know it didnt.’

‘Yea, I just wish things had gone differently, I wish I had my priorities right.’ He said going close and holding her, ‘I still love you very much.’ He said with his eyes closed.

She pushed him away gently.

‘What’s done is done David, you know I wont change my mind.’

‘Yes yes.’ He said recomposing himself. ‘I have a parting gift.’ He said and put a diamond brooch on her blouse making sure his hands rested longer than usual on her chest.

‘That’s too much.’ She said caressing the brooch.

‘Not like you cant afford it, I’ll have this sent to your car.’ He said pointing at the carton.

‘Lets go.’

‘To where?’

‘Just chill.’ He said blindfolding her.


‘Surprise!!!!.’ A roomful of people screamed.

He left her eyes and she saw over 20 staff members bearing parcels.

‘Oh my this is too much.’ She said with genuine appreciation.

‘Do you have to go?’ The CMD Dr Njoku asked.

‘Dr Njoku.’ She said.

‘Nice brooch.’ Dr Njoku said scrutinizing the object with his eyes like it was pathetic and David noticed.

She glanced at David and said thank you.

‘We’ll miss you .’ Everyone chorused and they took turns in hugging her and giving her gifts, David took a while to release and Dr Njoku took the longest.

‘Now that you’ve received everybody’s gift mine will be the last.’ Dr Njoku said beaming.

David chuckled and they eyed each other.

‘I think David over did himself by gifting you a diamond brooch.’ There was ohh and ahhh as the little crowd assimilated the information that was meant for them, David bowed his head in mock modesty. He wanted to see how the CMD would outdo him.

‘I hope my gentle act of this small gift will gladen your heart.’ He said and handed a small parcel. She opened and found a car key inside.

‘A car.’

‘Not just a car my dear a Ferrari.’

There was roaring in the room, Dr Njoku most definitely out did himself

Chioma hugged him, she was not so keen on the car but the situation demanded that.

The party went on for a little while and rveryone was telling how they would miss her when a cleaner tapped her.

‘They say you get visitor.’


‘Yes from the reception.’

‘Ok I’ll soon be down.’ She said and excused herself.

The visitors was just one person and he was backing her as she descended from the stair case, he was tasll, well built and looked familiar, as she got closer she noticed he was all too familiar even the standing posture.

The receptionist motioned something to him, he turned and she froze.







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