Crawling Miracle

Crawling Miracle

The morning sky wears silver linen,
Bustling proudly afloat a smiling cloud
The winds dancing flamenco to its clap
The slithering sun shall soon mute its loud

The hen scratches her leg on the earth
Gregarious as it pecks on dirt
Smiling, she seems unconcerned with her health
Decorated waffles waggled in mirth

The dancing sun had mantled the aisle
I felt a descending angel smiling
‘You shall bear a child old woman’
Amen, I answered to the praying sun

I await my crawling miracle
My believe in possibilities shows my sage
I expect a child at this age
When emptiness filled my gastric with rage
All potent juice in me are manacled

Long dead my Abraham
Long gone our sacrificed ram
My Sarah awaits her Isaac
For glad tidings, never shall I go sick.

3 thoughts on “Crawling Miracle” by Hussain Ahmed (@HussyAlagaOgun)

  1. Kosnie (@Kosnie)

    Great piece

  2. Hussain Ahmed (@HussyAlagaOgun)

    Thank you guys!

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