Along the Path of Ekuranme

Along the gloomy path,
Underneath the rhythms of the air’s bath,
We lie amidst in each other’s hearts,
Singing as the wind bathes us with peace,
And the sun shines on us with bliss.
While the storm hides from us its part,
We all danced;as that one tree,to the melodies of the rain,
As our trunk, our branch and our fruits embrace the warmth of unity’s reign.
Along the path of Ekuranme, stretches the tree of family.
We took our source from the river of harmony.
But time is a thief!
He invited a seemingly lenient visitor,
As he stole our relief.
Our trunk was blinded by the ethereal splendours of her!
She seduced our trunk;
She staggered her way through him like a drunk,
And he succumbed to her ,abandoned our branch and clinged to her
She spoke her way through him like a perfect orator,
With a benign heart, he exposed our united form,
Behold, he invited her, he invited a storm!
And she stole our relief!

We tried to adapt to her great sinister wings,
As we waved, waved and trembled to the rhythms the storm brings.
Our trunk lurched outwards to the exacting beats of Jezebel’s drum,
Chagrins stare deep into this belligerent storm,
Our lenient visitor has sold us to ominious spectrum!
We made sounds of love and unity but now we hear thunderous sounds of alarum.
Listen to the storm as the cloud thickens,
Our only embrace of unity weakens.
The storm brings roars of thunder and the bright sky darkens,
Our only bond between our trunk, branch and fruits slackens!
God created us as trees well arranged,
Now He watches as our trunk and our branch gets estranged.


The storm steals our joy,
Premature death sweeps as it is coy,
She steals away our happiness,
And wrecks our merriness!
What shall become of us the fruits?
Oh,it is certain that the world shall eat us up!
For we have been exposed by the storm!
Behold, this is tempest in a different form!
Destruction,turmoil and disparity have been brought by the wind,
Out of our true voice, enraged, melancholic and confused voices have taken the lead,
Our trunk has invited the storm and now we drink from confusion’s cup!

We were that good tree of one family,
Before captives of captivation were made free.
Along the path of Ekuranme lies that one tree,
Around the river of harmony.
And we were of one voice,
Alas,the storm steals our voice,
Now we speak in different voices.
As we yielded to the storm, we fell for wrong choices;
And then I heard a voice,
“The storm won’t last forever, take course and be of good poise!”
Now the smell of red earth lingers as we fall to the ground;a broken tree!
Time heals-but not this time…We shall get rotten!
The storm breaks us into fragments and lets us free,
And we shall rot and die…But along the path of Ekuranme lies that one tree which memories can’t be forgotten!

4 thoughts on “Along the Path of Ekuranme” by lauraotemu (@LauraOtemu)

  1. I enjoyed this poetic piece, laced with heartfelt emotions and feelings.

    1. Thanks. I’m glad u like it

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