The 14th day

The sky couldn’t adore less her new colour;
That emerges from the chi of my soul the dark fumes of death.
Which thou art eluded me of thy own honour.
So on my couch I lay envisaging the silent earth,
As dark flameless smoke engulfs into the sky like locusts from the plague;
Albeit the night has been ruling for days.
Even time is oblivious of the night’s age,
For in shame has the sun veiled his face.
Alas, my heart wanders in the land of no bread,
Failed dreams are whiter than that of the golden thread;
Never realised, never done.
Oh return my dreams,for you are now gone!
If dry lands were frantic upon the temple of my crown,
My eyes would have cried upon them a river,
Where my heart in sorrow shall drown;
For an enemy this time could only be a saver.
What kills a man other than keening over hollow hopes?
Faith has become a kissing cousin,
To I who bloomed like a sunday’s rose.
Alas, stern fate now eats up my soul like poison.
But your presence I crave,
For long hath my heart wandered away you,
To the life of a knave.
Wise I thought I was till I forgone the star and sook after the deceitful moon.
From the leresis of sins, enchanted I was of its thrills.
Till I gained acquaintance that the cemetery is abreast of potential dreams;
Never realised, never done.
Oh return my dreams; for you are now gone!
Even the waters weep when the stars fall,
Beneath the tides lies the mousey pearl fish,
In anguish cries the deco on the broken wall,
Behold, life has turned a golden wish.
How pleasurable is pain when there’s a voice but no one to call,
With failed dreams life becomes death to all.
For the child will become the servant,
The cat becomes the mouse,
The angel becomes the deviant,
From a united home verges the deserted house.
Weep I in this couch,in the flotation of repentance.
I beseech thee my dreams, of acceptance,
In agony I reverence your importance;
On this day, earmarked is the path the bull ate its horns,
Gone are my encomiums, my blessings are now scorns,
Now the voice of the deserted gift in me mourns;
Never realised it was, never done.
But return oh my dreams, for I am now torn.


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  1. I love the rhymes. This is great!!!

    1. lauraotemu (@LauraOtemu)


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