Waiting for Redemption

Waiting for Redemption

The alarm goes,  I stretch

I look for the snooze button

The alarm goes again, I remember where I am

I expect a kick or flick

I get a kick

I see the sun on the horizon

I am still alive, I don’t want to be

The Muezzin calls   the prayer

The cock crows

The dogs bark

Another day in the forest of despair

I am still here

I have not been claimed

The angels have not taken me away

Pray five times a day   I am told, I pray five times a day

I pray with a gun to my head

A kick in my back

I don’t know the words, but I pray

Tomorrow you become wife I’m told

Tomorrow you learn to cook and burn your books

Today  I am a child

Waiting to   go home


2 thoughts on “Waiting for Redemption” by aloiba (@werac)

  1. Simply good
    but in my poetic mood
    I sense some better lines
    tumbling from the poet’s pen

    Keep pushing on…………………..

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