Tears of the Unborn

Tears of the Unborn

In anticipation they await our arrival
Those hands, stretching forward
Urging mother, who’s groaning in pain, to push.
Yes! Push us out.

Why push us into this wicked world
Where man is so unkind to mankind.
No! We dread coming
For we won’t be welcomed in this wicked world.

For our ears have heard enough
We heard when that lady told mother
Of the Alo fall
Where innocent ones were killed by angry mobs.

We heard, we heard about the kidnapped girls
The killing even in the place of worship.
For the love for hatred has prevailed
And evil taste sweet even with the lips of men.

A world where jealousy dines in the heart of men
And brothers kill brothers for wealth.
Where bloodshed has become a norm
Since familiarity breed contempt.

But we’ve all got roles to play
And for that we were created.
We’ve got no choice
Than to face life, no matter what.

We are too innocent, too young to behold what we’ve heard.
So, let’s emerge weeping
Crying aloud for the world to hear
Till we’re bribed with that irresistible milk that mother gives.

One thought on “Tears of the Unborn” by Okeme James Jerome (@okemejames)

  1. We’ve got no choice
    but to hide not our voice
    as we struggle to survive
    passing through pains yet alive

    created for a destiny
    we should strive to reach it
    forgetting the misery and pain
    we can’t but push on even when maimed

    This is good, @okemejames

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