My Tears

Daggers of pain pierced my soul and doubled me over in sorrow
As salty beady rivulets ran down my face leaving none for the morrow
My heart twitched threatening to drop to the ground.
My mouth opened to scream but out came no sound
And from the depth of my belly came a groaning
I could swear wasn’t mine.

But there I was on the ground clutching my belly
Shaking uncontrollably like a jelly.
Those salty beady rivulets becoming rivers
Who would hold me and calm my shivers
All alone!!! All alone!!! Except the salty beady rivulets
That purged my soul.

Fingers of joy massaged my heart and set my feet dancing
As salty beads of rivulets streamed down my face advancing
Down to my breasts, light with rejoicing
My voice broke forth in singing
Punctuated by the soft travel of the salty beads of rivulets
Down my beaming cheeks

I would forever be grateful for the gift of the beads
For without it my heart would bleed
Without it there would be no room
For my happiness to bloom
In it I have found peace
And hope that you also understand my tears

4 thoughts on “My Tears” by Amara Ugo (@Miss3me)

  1. Hmm.. had to read it twicc though…
    This line, “My mouth opened to scream but out came no sound.” I had a mental picture of it… someting serious there.. I could feel the pain the character here felt just from tht single line…

    Nice job…. just few stuff that needs work am sure in no time you will fully get the gist… I enjoyed this poem, Its good to cry at times…. thats the message I got from this…
    amd oh, the cover picture for this peom is absolutly beautiful!!… I love a good picture…

  2. Thank you @ufuomaotebele. I would be glad if you let me know those places i need to work on. I hv read ur works n i kno u r good.

  3. I like its dept… the fact that it is not just an attempt to ryhme fanciful words… beautifully written! 7/10

  4. I like the end rhymes and though @ufuomaotebele struggled, poetry is opened to a plethora of understandings and interpretations.

    Keep writing @Miss3me :)

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