Short Poems in A-minor (Part 5)

..Untitled 1..
How do you re-create that which is lost?
Cry me a river
that washes away the sands of time.
The specks
carried away
in slow waves
of seconds.
To be cast at the beach of hope
and drowned in the coming tide.

How do you re-create that which is lost?
Seed its ghost in the soil of wishes.
Its growth,
tendered with tears of loss.
The harvest,
ripe fruits of despair

How do you re-create that which is lost?
Baskets askew,
laden with emptiness,
her eyes all wet.

She sighs.

How ?

…Untitled 2…
The Sun set at mid-day today
Seeking comfort in a lunar embrace
And we paused.

I look down
and scoop the dirt.

Do memories also return to dust?

A vain struggle it seems
That man should live forever

the sun rises.
And I wonder…
How long?

How long will they mourn you?

Gone With The Night (Dedicated to the victims of Jos)
It is incumbent on me to tell this story
Of missing stars, denied the glory

It would be worthwhile for you to listen
To the absence, their demise breeds

For in the silence of the aftermath
When the blood spilled speaks
I hope that you might understand the story
of the empty skies above Jos
The story of the stars that went with the night.

6 thoughts on “Short Poems in A-minor (Part 5)” by Eldee (@codrojac)

  1. This is lovely!

  2. I felt entrapped
    as I’m wrapped
    in the poems
    especially the last one

    Keep poeticizing :)

  3. You can do better. Nice one

  4. Beautiful @codrojac!I am very picky when it comes to poetry and I love what you wrote. You are able to bring emotions with few words.Great job!

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