Perfection in Imperfection

Perfection in Imperfection

Perfection_within_ImperfectionI watched you walk into my life filled with smiles and highly opinionated.  I didn’t love you at first sight but your confidence was so contagious. I trusted your judgement the moment you walked into the room even though your questions weren’t directed at me. I trusted that you could take care of me as you finally looked at me.

I didn’t see beauty but I saw strength as you waited patiently for me to say something. You weren’t the picture in my head, you were the person in my heart that I had long forgotten. I didn’t remember you immediately.  Oh no I didn’t.

Being the cautious me that I am I watched you closely, the expressions on your face, the gait of your walk, the balding spots on your head, your tiny eyes, your ever changing voice that had a laughter willing to breakthrough anytime. Your ever chattering mouth talking to me like we were old school mates. People looking would never tell I just met you. Dragging me out of my shell was a personality stronger than mine, willing me to express, willing me to be me.

Even as you chatter I watch you watch me. I watch you trying to resist my gentle calm that laughed at your every joke. I knew you were my friend once we got on that “okada” together.

I wasn’t lost in your eyes, I was found in your presence.

I didn’t think at first that you started and completed me. I thought that you understood where I was but didn’t know where I was going. you weren’t my prince charming, you were my knight in shining armour. This I realized when you held my hands as we crossed each bridge and and pulled me tightly through every crowd.

I deny through all of this that I loved all of your imperfections, that if I kissed you I would feel complete, that when I jokingly put my head on your shoulder I wanted you to hold me, that when I hear your voice shadows flee, that when you smiled at me my face mirrors your expression, that when you are hungry my tummy rumbles, that when you cry my heart breaks, that when you ask me to be yours my heart leap in fear cause I don’t know how to handle all this perfection in my imperfection.


9 thoughts on “Perfection in Imperfection” by Amara Ugo (@Miss3me)

  1. Sounds like stanzas from a love song. You left the reader wanting to learn more about your characters without been ever giving that chance; the narration started and ended suddenly somewhere in the middle of nowhere. On the whole, it is deep. I noticed your use of nuances aptly gave colors to this encapsulation of true love in transition. Well done.

    1. thanks. its an expression of love in confusion. You are right when you say its deep

  2. I was entrapped by @Miss2me’s emotionally influenced choice of words and expressions. Move by her heartfelt sentiments, she seemed to have written this the way it came without making a classic of every word and statement. There is truly perfection in imperfection, strength in weakness, fertility in fragility and it is in view of this fact that I read through, commending her effort to not only write but to share her story.

    I dare say that each of the seven paragraphs can be developed and better enjoyed by her readers. Well done!

    1. Thank you, thank you, thank you innoalifa the Head wordsmith

  3. Oh I just kept going “Awwww” as I read this. Love is a beautiful thing… I felt the emotions in this, like how a girl would feel when she’s about meeting the guy she loves for the first time. Then they get on that Okada together… just so breath taking… #I am a sucker for a good romantic journey…

    If this was written in poem form, maybe, just maybe it would have sounded different. I loved the story telling form you gave it… but then, I didn’t get your title in this work… this story was so lovey lovey I would expect a more romantic title… but hey, what is love? isn’t it finding perfection in your imperfect partner?

    Great job… keep them coming. Your work and @Ivie9ja has started to inspire me alot these days..

    1. : ) thanks dear. I am glad

  4. @Miss3me , this was deep. Very poetic. Very poignant. Very good job.

  5. Awesome work here,very emotional

  6. Beautiful, like the songs of Solomon.

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