Mirror! Mirror! On The Wall

22nd October, 2052

Hi Diary

I woke up feeling crazily excited about the day. I was going camping with Tosin and I couldn’t wait as I tried on my new dress and walked to the mirror. There before me, I noticed my reflection was gone…. the horror!. I couldn’t find it anymore, instead stood a total stranger in front of me. I froze, unable to breathe. It felt so strange and totally bewildering that who stood before me was someone I couldn’t recognize; she was hideous, very ugly. You know the kind of ugly that  makes you get goose bumps all over.
She had a swollen face like that of a guinea pig and saggy eyes that stretched beyond her face like they were going to fall off their sockets. Underneath them were dark circles but amazingly, they held much light; light like I could only describe as some sort of accomplishment or wisdom gained over the years. Her cheeks were falling down like that of a bull-dog and there stood a frown on her lips that scowled her face into a pea-shape, making her head look way smaller than mine. Her lips were dry and breaking, almost shaky like she couldn’t speak or had any voice at all. Her jaw was much thinner and framer than mine just as her waist and fingers. Her fingers looked like they had no blood in them, exposing only veins of red and green. Her chest held nothing like they had lost the balance that once made them high and tempting. Her feet were shaky and she leaned to a side by the mirror staring steadily at me.

I stood there in awe, dumbfounded at who or perhaps ‘what’ stood before me. Who was she? And how did she get into my mirror? I hurried to the back of the mirror and peed at it to make certain, there wasn’t anybody standing on the other side of it. Probably it was broken I thought as I looked through the edges of the mirror trying to find any piece of the broken glass. But to my surprise, so did she. I saw her looking too. My heart jumped into my mouth as I stood again and watched her do likewise… why was she doing what I was doing? I wondered bewilderingly.

“Sweetheart, is everything OK?” Tosin asked, coming out from the bathroom with the towel on his shoulders and a worried look on his face.

“I….don’t  …know” I stammered, touching my face…..she did likewise….I felt frustrated, are those winkles I see?

“What is it dear? you are standing in front of the mirror with a giant scowl on your face and you tell me nothing is wrong? Tosin asked coming up to me now. He held my shoulder and looked at me in the mirror and I prayed fervently in my heart that he wouldn’t see the woman. For a brief moment I heard my breath. But he looked on indifferent about anything and Gosh! He was still as gorgeous as ever as my thought rattled as his reflection rested on the mirror. In despair, I covered my face.

“Oh sweetie, what is this? What’s wrong?” He held my hands, pulling them down from my face.

“Hey hey, look at me; please tell me what’s wrong? He asked again searching my eyes. “What is it? Is it the dress? Come on, the dress looks great, wouldn’t have been so if you weren’t beautiful yourself. Look at you, you look stunning” He complimented, spinning me round for a closer look.

“Am I? who then, is that woman in the mirror, who is that old and ugly woman as my reflection?” I asked still looking at the woman whose eyes sparkled with mischief.

“Old and ugly? I don’t see old and ugly, I see the most beautiful woman in the galaxy” He said taking me off my feet and spinning me around just like he did on our wedding night. Dropping me down on my feet, I searched his eyes; I needed to be sure he wasn’t just patronizing me but all I saw was the same honesty and devotion that left his lips as a response to the ‘will you”question asked by the preacher  forty years ago:

“Yes I do, to love and to cherish… till death do us part”.

Taking my hand in his arm, he led me away from the mirror. I looked back at the mirror only to find ‘that’ woman smiling back at me…..



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4 thoughts on “Mirror! Mirror! On The Wall” by Kycee Q (@KyceeQ)

  1. This is good
    and well-written
    enjoying it warms my mood
    and makes me really pen-stricken

    Keep writing @kyceeq :)

  2. So it was actually an old couple…

    This is a nice representation of what women go through when they worry about aging.

    Yet. The beauty of married life is reflected in the love of a couple for each other….love that supercedes looks

  3. Wow! Great read.

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