The Journey: 3

The traditional wedding started well and ended with smiles. my brother was happy, he succeeded in tying the knot.

” But I was told she has beautiful sisters,where are they?” I said to myself.

I tried to mingle with one of them but no ways, i ended up packing gifts and bags.

Hmm fear! a distressing emotion lifted by impending danger, evil and pain. you can imagine how scared we were when we heard gun shots from nowhere.

” ye ye wetin be dat ” shola screamed with the voice of fear holding my right hand tightly, robbing his left palm on my shoulder.

It’s not that I wasn’t scared, just only funny that an elderly cousin of mine behaves like a kid. I packaged myself with strenght and courage, looking all round, gazing at faces of fear, crying deeply, praying with cautiousness.

We all gathered like alligators watching to know those coming towards us.

Hmm! a wise man ones said ‘do not swim in a shallow water if you do not want your back to show ‘.

We saw them running towards us like rugby players holding perilous objects with intentions to kill.

It was like a micky-licky scene, all we just did was to turn around and run for our lives. hmm! I didn’t believe that I could run like usain bolt. ‘hahahaha’ my Cousin was an heck running like a fat pig. We all ran to an apartment and locked ourselves for safety.

Everywhere was dark to me,even with the full on fluorescent light, I could only hear voices, voices of people clamouring. ‘where is my brother, his bride,and my step-father?’ I asked myself with tears already stored in my innocent eyes.

“Babajide!” I screamed with expression of anxiety…no response, all I heard was the disturbing voice of my cousin.

” guy, babajide wa ni alafia( babajide is save)” shola my cousin utter

My silence only lasted for five minutes. Deep inside of me was a heart killer making me feel uncomfortable and scared of the unknown. hmm! my heart felt like a roasted fish when I heard an husky voice from behind.
” Matete fighters are deadly attackers, they are fighting for land space which doesn’t belong to them, and they kill anyone they see in their territory “.

I was speechless, looking left,right, front and back with tears dropping like a tap water. All I thought of was my family. “what should I do?” I asked myself.

I struggled myself from the hands of my cousin and zoomed out .

I knew it was risky, but my thought was above that. Everywhere was silent, no human, no goats, all I could hear was the sensational voice of the birds. Yes! I was afraid, seeing blood and Human parts on the ground, shivering as if it was cold, looking every angle if I would see my family.

It was only me on the deadly way, feeling feverish and sick as I saw vultures feeding from the human part. Tears all over me, pleading to Almighty God to save my people from the beasts.

Hmm! As I walked towards the extreme, I heard triple gun shots sound so close and mean. One side of me said I should wait and fight the demons, the other side of me said I should run for my life.

My late father ones said ” when the bush is on fire, grasshoppers have no chance to bid each other goodbye”. Running for my life is necessity and was a decision I eventually took.

I ran so fast and vehemently without looking back until I got to a corner to rest my legs.
” ooh what a day!” I said breathing faster.

I sat still on the ground, massaging my legs with my soft palms feeling every pains of it, tickling my toes with the tip of my fingers.

As I stood up to move on, I heard footsteps right so close behind me with the feel of a palm on my left shoulder.

” ye mogbe ( I’m in trouble) I yelled
Hmm! ‘Fear is a bastard’according to my sister. I stood still, sweating profusely, the palm still glued to my shoulder, feeling waves of heavy object behind me.

I was dead, looking up the sky counting the stars at noon, thinking of my family with my eyes dazzling and my mouth saying the last prayer.As I turned back to know who it was, hmm! My hands shivering, my heart sinking, and my innocent eyes in tears.

2 thoughts on “The Journey: 3” by Inuwa Usman (@noble4d)

  1. @noble4d, this was a nice read although not without a some hitches, the least of which is your employment of “ones” instead of “once.” As you write more and more, you become familiar with a larger vocabulary which makes you write fluidly.

    Waiting for the next installment…

  2. filled with suspense nice story. staying online for the next episode.
    to be sincere this episode is very short.

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