The Journey: 2


Our legs felt like a fried plantain after some hours of movement, it was a roller- coaster drive but we pulled ourselves. We were heading towards Tamara town, a place decorated with high mountains. We were aware of every movement because our thighs felt tendered with a sensation of pains. We pushed on towards the final lane of goza. In front of us was a monster mountain. Our eyes grows wide and took a deep breath, not knowing there was a deadly hole right so close.

” Wetin be that?” I asked severely.

Our jeep was a victim of the deadly hole. It was a bizarre feelings, other cars had gone further while we were still behind.

” This driver sef, you no see the hole?” Shola quarried the driver.
He was speechless, he was amazed about the giant mountain, just like us.

” Bobo bo agbada re ka gbe motor yi( off your agbada let’s pull out this jeep)” shola uttered.

We used all our strength to pull out the jeep,but no ways we all ended up exhausted.

Only God knows how my step father found out we had problems because no one called him. We saw a silver pilot jeep approaching us.

” Is that not your step father?” Umar asked my brother.

” Time is against us, you all know that we have to get there before 12pm” my step father said.

He assisted us in pulling out the jeep with his two friends which we succeeded. ” is it that they are much stronger than us? I asked myself.

” It is only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves”.

We all looked at each other, and after rounds of argument, we moved on.

Time! it slips away as easily as grains of sand on a wind- swept beach but those grains only trade places. With the jeep, we changed the same way – new locations in the passage of time. The steering was incidental like breathing. The mountains came and go, our legs so feeble and begging for freedom, with the wind blowing determination to our hearts. Yes! There was a transformation in a state of bliss, a place of my dream.

Not too long that we became victim of another. we were out of fuel…It was a minor case, it took us less time to fill the tank.

Its 11:15am, and the road was still far . The groom groaning, eagerly to set his eyes on his bride. It disturbed me too because I couldn’t wait to have her in my midst,What a beauty she is.

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste it, to experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience”.

It was a free-flow, hectic and a sophisticated journey but at last we got to our destination with no harm.

” There are two things to aim at in life: first, to get what you want and second is to enjoy it. Only the wisest of mankind achieve the second”.

It was a celebration of smiles and it spread rapidly all over the place.

” Awon ebi oko ti de ooo, ema wo’le ( the groom’s family has arrived, you are welcome)” The alaga iduro ( host) proclaimed.

They all welcomed us with all smiles as we sat. Not too long that the ceremony began. we brought in the necessary stuffs according to Yoruba tradition such as eja osan, yams, drinks and others. They were excess of food to eat and drinks to drink, they were singers and dancers to entertain us, but all that did not bother me.

I was just half -dead on my seat looking wield and sick, listening to the little voice of fear. I was lost that I didn’t even notice they’ve handed over the bride to the groom.

” olawale!” my cousin yelled my name.

“Haha na when the bride comot?” I asked amazingly

” ooh so you dey sleep”.

” you see sleep for my eye?” I responded severely.

” OK ooo, my own concern be say make we comot for here quick quick because I fear here” my cousin said In a low tone, sweating profusely.

It was so funny that i boasted to laughter. I didn’t tell him I’m afraid too, I tried packaging myself as if nothing bothered me.

“Bros I be no no say you fear pass bush meat” I said amusingly

” Bro no be so joo, my children still dey small, and I love my wife so much”.

” you for no follow come naa” I said laughing loudly, hitting the plastic chair I sat on.

” Na true you talk…and my wife warned me say make I no follow ooo”.

Haha haha! I wish you all were there to see his expression, shivering and stammering….he was battered with efficacy of fear.

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  1. Hallo my noble readers…your views and comments are needed. God bless you all.

  2. Hallo my Noble readers, here is the continuation of The Journey. Praise, criticize, and suggest…God bless you all.

  3. I enjoyed the story and I must commend the writer for the effort. There was just a teeny-weeny flaw in the last sentence of the very first paragraph. I think instead of saying “Our eyes grow wide and took a deep breath, not knowing there was a deadly hole right so close”, the writer wrote: “Our eyes grows wide and took a deep breath, not knowing there was a deadly hole right so close.”

    Anyways, I can’t forget to say kudos to @noble4d as I look forward to the sequels. Well done!

    1. @innoalifa thanks for the observation.

      1. @noble4d, you’re welcome, always :)

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