My Introspection

My world, my life

My step, my ways

My ways of strife

What gives me gays

Is variant and not simpatico

With my friends’ co


I lit my light candle

In my crawling cradle

By the name Sunday

Which implies the holy day

Of bliss and peace

To fix all shreds and pieces


My name is my fame

Without name fame is lame

So I hold it precious

For it’s lustrous and glorious

And ceases its luster and glory

By misdeeds and treachery


On the stage of my age

We see the break of ethical adage

Normality seen as oddity

Stupidity as celebrity

Often as I laugh at them

I taste peers’ mouthy-mayhem


If your mental bark never be stark

Your light will dwindle to dark

By the salty assault and insult

Hauled by the amigo of all sort

Thus, no one is a friend in success

Rather in failure he is the best


Oh! Lord give me million of enemy

For they are my soul’s alchemy

My friends please my ears

That I wriggle in tepidity without fears

But my enemies please my soul

Like the voice that turned Saul to Paul


The age of methusalem I desire not

But the wisdom of Solomon which never rot

I need not the notches of Napoleon,

Rather the Cross that shreds our dead-pinnion

Oh! Lord grace me the knowledge of my being

That I may tiger-ly fight to see the king


If you sow, you reap

May I grip my pole for the leap

Let me sow eternity in time

For it has neither time nor clime

Its bliss has no end

The medal for those in good will bend


2 thoughts on “My Introspection” by SUNNYDEMAJESTY (@SUNNYDEMAJESTY)

  1. I can see an effort
    to share a nice thought
    by a budding bard

    keep poeticizing :)

  2. You can do better with poetic style

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