I can feel you scream yet you’re silent
Your curse, your hate, your love is zero percent
You carry a burden, so heavy laden
Your sword’s in my heart, be happy I’m fading

Fading away from your mind, body and soul
Away from the man that once made you glow
From that look in my eyes that made you melt
That touch of your body, your gracious heartfelt

These are the answers you long to hear
I love you; and darling I still care
I’m no longer afraid to spit the words out
I hope my choice of words will clear your doubt

Your body against mine, feels like heaven to me
Your charm, it sets my soul free
Beyond the realm of lust and despair
Lost your touch, trapped in your angelic stare

My mistake, my guilt ever before my conscience
It gets worse, here in your presence
You loved me, I took it for granted
I pushed you away, when all you ever wanted

Wanted was a touch rid of lies
A love so tender, rid tears from your eyes
All I saw was a woman, to make warm my bed
To touch, to caress, for love I never cared

Are you here to try and control me?
Hurt me, punish me, have eyes but can’t see?
Take me down, till your revenge is complete?
Make me pay with gnashing of teeth?

You’re a girlfriend I’ll never have
I threw it all away, now I’m on your nerve
I’m sorry, open my grave and I’ll fall in
Your care and devotion is killing me, be happy I’m fading

7 thoughts on “Fading” by Bright Benson (@brytandre)

  1. Beautiful rendition
    of love gone sore…

    This is good :)

      1. Waiting to read more and more of your literary productions.

        Keep poeticizing, @brytandre :)

  2. beautiful piece man. but why do you have to use her to warm you bed?
    you were never sincere from the outset so biko no feel bad. i would check up on your poems regularly. love this love poem

    1. Thanks @oxymorontalks

  3. I love love love love this!!!!!! I mean as a girl, and considering what you did to this supposed girlfriend, I’m not even angry. I am starting to realize that not everyone is cut out for this thing called LOVE and so if you find someone to warm your bed only, its okay, that’s love….

    1. Hahahaha @ufuomaotebele glad u love love love it, turns out I started liking her afterall and she knew it. Now she “de shakara for me eh”. My loss. Thanks dear

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