The Death That I Shall Die

Oh! what a life

Without course or delay death come

So short to recall

Memories to remain indelible in our heart

By thy pride shall thou fall

Death the worse enemy of all

Stealing and pulling off our joy

Death you surprise me

Ending my mortal communication

Sending on a long journey of no return

Oh! death, who can fathom thee?

The death that i shall die

Subjugated were all men to your misery

Sweeping across the earth like fire

Defying the lethal strength of water

Thy strength and power remain unrevealed

Who can tell your end? rising like the sun

But never seem to set

Thou declares times and seasons of morning

Behold, thy might is beyond the dreams of the gods

The finest trinkets oh! death, you blurred

Blowing with fierce terrible winds

Like the hurricane of the eastern Sahara

Baking the body with terrible winds

And the soul left without a home

From birth, thy end fore bold(genesis3:15)

Dying the death as the last enemy

Neither the beginning nor the end, art thou

Behold, even in thee we rejoice

For lo! in death life is renewed not lost

Bringing great sorrow and pain to the living

And relief to abode of the dead

Beneath the skin of canal man

Which by a dim all deplored

You came by the infernal foe that lies.


6 thoughts on “The Death That I Shall Die” by mbanefo (@mbanefo)

  1. life and death is unpredictable


  3. Cool. I would have loved a simpler deeper approach but thanks for sharing.

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