Now sweating, she looked back for the fifth time as she walked the dusty road that hot afternoon. It was strange how she had been followed all the way from the market to this point. The man behind was getting closer. She intensified her steps. Her rubber slippers summoned the dusts of the ground and they rose to their calls as she walked, clinging tightly to her feet.
“tsiiiii… ” The stranger contorted his tongue and continued
“…..tsiiiii madam, wait….madam ” His voice shook as he called. He was gasping.

She quitted looking back. Her right hand started aching so she transfered the medium sized black nylon sac she was carrying to the left. The several stems from the way-side shrubs hit against her multicolor and flower patterned gown as she hastened along. Soon, she started feeling an uneasiness in her left hand. Immediately, the bag was was transferred to her head, where it sat perfectly.
She got to a corner and turned left. She had stopped hearing the man’s call. This really relieved her. She then slowed her steps and respired slowly. Five seconds later, she faced another right turning and followed it. She sang as she meandered along. Soon, another road emerged to her right. Turning, she almost fainted on seeing the being on the road.

The sac that had been sitting on her head comfortably all the while for the first time flinched and fell but she quickly reached for it before it landed on the ground . Even after spending 45 years on earth, she still possessed a great reflex.

On the road and walking towards her was the man she had been running from. He had taken another path to catch up with her. The lower edges of the red sutana worn by him swept the ground as he approached her, bear footed. His extraordinarily heavy beard reminded her of the man that acted Moses in a Bible movie she saw some years back. His eyes were red with very narrowed pupils.Thick sweats dribbled down the dark skin of his face as he approached.
“….woman …why didn’t you wait…I have been sent to deliver a message to you” He said gasping as he stretched forth a brown Bible towards her
Her eyes screamed fear mixed with a little surprise on seeing him. Instantly, she backed him and started moving away, holding the black sac with two hands as if it had gained weight.

“….leave me o..oh?… people have again come with your false messages all in the name of money! see! I don’t have any Kobo to give out! and stop following me before I raise an alarm….”

She screamd and kept moving.

“Your name is Victory …45 years old with three children. The eldest is Bayo. He is 23. You lost your husband 7 years ago after which you moved to this area ….Just this same day seven years ago did he die.”

She stopped abruptly on hearing these things and the bag finally touched the ground. Turning, she said

“…how can you know these things, not even my neighbors have so much about me..”

The stranger moved closer

“My name is Ezekiel, I am a prophet of the living God. The Spirit has sent me to you concerning Bayo. There is a lingering danger ahead of him. The only way this can be averted is by obeying the instruction I’ll pass to you and he will live. For you to be sure, he will be the first to welcome you home and…”

He then stopped suddenly, closed his eyes and started turning like a convulsing patient. As he rotated, he spoke in strange tongues. At a point, he bursted out into a song, which he also sang with the strange language. As sudden as he started, he also stopped. Finally, he opened his eyes and faced her

“….he will be on a red shirt with a brown trouser ….hmmm he is about to go strolling with friends. Stop him from going out of the house! stop him or he will die. ”

“…bu..but sir.. w…w…wha…who…’ she started stuttering without making any sensible statement

“… Woe unto him that was sent and failed in delivering. May the peace of the Almighty rest upon you and your family ”

After these words, he turned and left. She stood transfixed and watched as the red sutana slowly disappeared. She got lost in thoughts for about five seconds, then she suddenly jerked back to reality.

Flinging, the bag and it’s contents into the nearby bush, she slipped out of her slippers and bent to pick them. Her gown would limit her next action, so she pulled it up almost to her waist after which she started a fierce sprint. Her eyes bulged as she ran with hands on head. Ten seconds later, she entered the gate of their rented apartment.
“mama, who or what is pursuing you? and where are the things you bought? ”

Her eldest son who was just stepping out of the house giggled as he saw her. He wore a black trouser and a white shirt.

” Bayo…Bayo… I want you to listen to every word of my mouth…. now go back inside, no outing for you today!”

“Haba! you are getting me worried mama, first you came in with the strangest way possible almost fainting without the goods you got from the market, now you are telling me to cancel the tutorials I have with my friends……. mama, see I’m 23 and I’ll not allow you to treat me like a kid… ”

He paused and read the danger signs on his mother’s face. Those signs came once in a big while and they meant four words. Keep quiet and run! The last time he glimpsed the signs was two years ago, when his younger sister was accused of stealing from a neighbor which was false.

“okay mama, I’ve heard all you said just give me two hours and I’ll be back”

He didn’t wait for a reply from his now furious mum before moving to the gate and stepped out of it.

” you dare not disobey me son!” she screamd from behind and ran towards him with great anger.

She got a good hold of his black trouser on its waist and started pulling him back towards the apartment’s entrance. There was much struggling but she over-powered him, not because she was stronger but because mothers always have a way.

They finally got to the apartment’s entrance and she forcefully pushed him inside. Unfortunately, she used such a great force that made him loose control and instead of entering the door way, the force pushed him to the walls. His head collided with it making him a bit unconscious. Blood started flowing out of his head, staggering back, unable to get a grip on his motions, he stumbled on an iron chair behind and displaced it so that it’s four sharp legs faced up. In the process of gripping his head tightly to reduce the blood flow, he fell. His eyes flashed as he fell … not on the ground but right through the chair. Two of the iron clad legs had pierced through him from the behind.
He tried standing but the pain and the weight of the chair dragged him down. He looked up and stretched his left hand towards his mum, who just stood transfixed… She vibrated on the spot as though she had lost her ability to talk
“ma…….please mummy….. ”

Blood kept gushing out. He looked down and saw his own intestines for the first time. Fear gripped him, and he started pushing them back in hastily. His brain was shutting down.
His mother suddenly got her vocal chords back and started screaming for help. She ran hopelessly around for few seconds and came back with some people. They got to where he laid only to meet him dead.

…Remember that people who prophesy are in control of their spirit and can take turns.


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  1. This is beautiful but I’d make some observations:
    #1- “She quitted looking back” could be better rendered as “She stopped looking back.”
    #2- While I enjoyed my reading ride, there was an instance were you said “The bad was was…”

    Generally, it’s an interesting read.

    1. Yeah… You’re right …. Thanks for reading, your observations and correction. Thanks!

  2. What da…………..Hell Noooooooo, i could not finish, this is heart breaking. My imaginations could not take me no further. what would go through the mind of the mother or son at that point. id rather not shatter my heart tonight.

    Awesome write , story line on point, i like the twist took me by surprise.

    1. Thank you! @empresssewande . I’m really pleased you came around. Thank you.

  3. Was that supposed to be a true or false prophet? or what does this say about prophets?
    Anyway, I enjoyed it.

    1. @bunmiril … It says prophesies and prophets are real but prophets are in charge of whatever they say…. They can alter the true messages or fail to listen well. They are not God.
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  4. Well done @OMONIYI.
    Very haunting piece.
    Poor woman is gonna regret ever listening to the Prophet.

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  5. Oh My God! The woman would spend every breathing second of her life regretting this. Not all prophecies are to be really believed. It was obviously one from the devil, killing one of her beloved offsprings herself.
    Nice piece.

  6. Yes! Very true sir… I really appreciate you for reading and commenting . @Hextophar

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