Here, My Prayers

Life’s unsteadiness makes me want to die
Our fruity atmosphere somehow got dyed
Despite the prayers, my believe got slacked
Our peacefulness got caught in a slide
There go smiles of our beautiful brides
Their absence made me want to die,
Let death find me, please don’t kill me.

Black oil had caused pains to my brothers,
It contributes to these hurting boils
It lessens our steel strength to foils
It bends our straight forwardness to coils
It pushed our future to a slippery border.

To these prayers of mine, please say Amen
Prayers during conflict times, looks a good omen
We sons of clergies turn gun men
Our greens are much, we need hemps
Getting high would raise us above this realm.
Lord, Give us wee-wee in varieties,
Incorporate in it, lemons and other balms,
With that, our souls would go back calm
We would laugh and give alms.
We would help our brothers without arms.

Without high, we would forever remain low
We are blessed with sun, yet we don’t glow
We’ve got love, yet it doesn’t flow
We woke to cry, as though we crow
Even if losing me is huge blow,
I still want to die, let death find me, please don’t kill me.

Hemp fanatics are the wisest beings
We fight for each other and not God
We cry when our eyes permit,
We laugh at the spill of our own blood
Its injustice that made us picks our guns from bins.
God, please send down favorable commandments on hemps,
And let see if love does not upsurge.

11 thoughts on “Here, My Prayers” by Hussain Ahmed (@HussyAlagaOgun)

  1. The rhymes almost got me hyped. This is lovely but a close reading revealed some flaws.

    Nice nice.

    1. hussyalagaogun (@HussyAlagaOgun)

      Thanks @innoalifa. Am not flawless, I would read closely before sending another.

      1. No writer is flawless, even the greatest but hoping to read an improved version of you soonest.

        well done @HussyAlagaOgun :)

  2. ufuoma otebele (@ufuomaotebele)

    Amen!!!!!! lol… there was a line that said to these prayers of mine pls say amen…

    hmm here, “death please find me but do not kill me…” something really interesting there… good job with this. I easily understood what I was reading.

  3. hussyalagaogun (@HussyAlagaOgun)

    @ufumaoebele, thanks so much. It pleases me that you see something from my wayward verses.

    1. ufuoma otebele (@ufuomaotebele)

      Lol…. wayward ke… your welcome. And hey, welcome to Naijastories… get settled and cook up more interesting stuff

      1. hussyalagaogun (@HussyAlagaOgun)

        With great minds like you, settling is certain. Am glad to be here!

  4. oxymorontalks (@oxymoron93)

    beauriful piece bra, i say amen o. i pray we get out of this mess. my ogas dem don reach here before me, @innoalifa and @ufuomaotebele i greet una o.

    1. hussyalagaogun (@HussyAlagaOgun)

      @oxymoron93 thanks big time.

      1. @oxymoron93 makes me smile
        and seeing my poetic file
        I see spurts of potential
        in @HussyAlagaOgun

        1. hussyalagaogun (@HussyAlagaOgun)

          Am blushing in greens. thank you, but pray that the potential builds.

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