Orunmila’s Letter-Episode 13-The Love Birds 1

He laid his luminous white hands which displayed a networking of green veins beneath his skin. ‘Do you feel anything yet?” He asked nervously,”Yes! I don’t think I”ll ever have cramps in my life again!!” She said exposing her white and beautiful set of teeth.”Thanks dear!!!” And she gave him a tight hug. “You don’t mind being my lesson coach or do you?” “Le what? I’m not smart Ire. I’m having issues studying for mine, I don’t want to teach you trash” “Then you should come so we can teach ourselves the little we know” she urged him nervously. Simon felt most overwhelmed.”What’s going on with us? Why do I feel this way? And to think that I laid hands on her and she got healed instantly. I guess this God doesn’t regard me as useless after all” he said smiling. His grandma had travelled to a neighbouring town for trading activities,” I should have taken more lemonade and bread over at the palace”. He complained in regret as his stomach rumbled.
Ireti still felt a pang of pain in her mid section but it had reduced greatly. “I wondered how he would have felt if I had told him that I didn’t feel a thing but I must confess,I feel much better. The pain seems to die off more and more as time goes by”she confessed with a smile. I have to start studying from tonight,so I can teach him the little arithmetics I know” she strategised in her head.
“How did it go last night?” Theo asked Simon with a bright smile spread across his face. “Fine Sir,but….she wants me to be her lesson coach” “Of course you should be! Iron sharpeneth iron remember? Do as much as you can my son,remember we leave in three weeks”he added.
“Do you now know how to solve this?” He asked as he dropped the fountain pen. Since he got no reply,he raised his head and saw his student staring at him with dreamy eyes. “What? Did I do something wrong?” “No! Don’t mind me! I’m thinking of the future. Just envisioned seeing you as an accountant and myself as a doctor”she replied blushing. “I really can’t wait for that to happen. I want to get away from all these you know?” She nodded in response “How come you can solve these chemistry equations? I studied textbooks and these topics overnight for someone”, “Really? That’s touching” she answered with a hand to her throbbing heart. “Sim?I want you to come with me to London. There are several scholarship programs for talented minds like yours,promise me you’ll apply for one the moment I secure the forms for you” “I don’t think I’m scholarship material,but there’s no harm in trying” “Are you gonna eat those slices of bread and also the groundnuts? I’ve finished mine and I want more. I’m not an ‘onijekuje oh!’ this plump stature of mine has to be properly maintained”,they both laughed loudly as she finished off her statement.
“You have to take the first step oh! You’re just too shy!! Make a move,what do you have to lose? Do you know what it means to be the princess of the greatest western village in our country?” “Greatest? Quit bluffing jor” “Do something! You must act fast!! You know those thin girls in Amiran are good at snatching away husbands? The time to act is now” Ayike commanded her best friend who was close to tears. “I don’t want him to leave me” she murmured in tears,and hugged her friend tightly.
The whole church was devastated when the Reverend shared news of his departure. Even Matti’s knees were weak and he had to find a place to sit down. “I may be absent in flesh but not in person. The great God I serve won’t abandon you……..” He spoke words of encouragement for several hours. Most of the women in the congregation were in tears,the others had blood shot eyes. Iya ologi wept bitterly and almost fainted. The royal family was also greatly shocked by the news.Ireti bowed her head,”not so soon!”. She thought Simon was pulling her legs when he told her earlier. Even as she was about to leave church with her entourage,her friend suggested otherwise. “Don’t go! You must see him first!!” She commanded. A little girl came to the princess and tugged at her flowery skirt.”How are you Rebecca?” “I’m fine my princess,there’s a note for you” she said loudly. Ireti played with her briefly after collecting the folded piece of paper. “You’re a big girl now oh…my large arms can’t lift you anymore….” “Large arms indeed” her friend commented and they all started laughing.
She reclined under the huge mango tree that was situated around the church venue. The whole environment would have been dark but for the full moon that shone brightly and lighted up her exceptional face. “Maybe he won’t show up after all. Even the Reverend’s automobile just zoomed off,I doubt if there’s anyone in the church”.
“Where are our letters?” Yelled an angry mob consisting of just two people who were Bosun and Alamu. Aren’t we leaders too? “Don’t mind him! I’m very sure the Reverend gave him letters for us but he gave them out to some other people” “l typed these letters with the aid of the ministry’s typewriter. Believe me,your names weren’t on the list. “You must be bluffing” they shouted,pushed him to the ground and kicked him with their heavy sandals for several minutes which made him cough out a few drops of blood mixed with phlegm. “This should teach you a big lesson” Alamu reiterated,as he punched him furiously. “We can leave now! The weakling has fainted” they said to themselves. Ireti hid beneath wild shrubs the moment she heard footsteps and the voices of two angry men.
“Oh My God! Sims!!” She exclaimed in tears as she checked his heart for a pulse. “Thank God! its still beating!!” She went into the Reverend’s office and poured a cup of water on his face. “Still nothing?who can I call?” A still voice prompted her to lay hands on his chest and command strength into him. She sang in tears and waited for a miracle. “Where am I? Why do I feel so weak? My head really hurts… Why are you in tears…? My leg hurts” “You don’t remember what happened? Can you stand? I have to take you home”she said even as she pulled him up. They walked slowly and he staggered intermittently,luckily for her she encountered some huge youths on her way and they carried him home. “Can you do me a favour?” “Anything for you my princess…”.
Asake returned to Simon’s house with a basket containing food,toiletries and a few first aid supplies. “My princess..Are you going back home tonight?” Can’t you see his condition? I’m not going home tonight or even tomorrow!” “That’s okay sha… Your parents travelled this night,and they won’t be back till next week…. It was an urgent call” she replied.
Asake spread a mat on the floor,put water to boil on a coal stove after preparing a herbal broth for fever,and arranged the contents of the basket she brought. “Do you need anything else?” “No dear! Please ensure that no one at the palace finds out that I didn’t spend the night at home” “Don’t you trust me? They won’t find out,I wonder who could have done this to such a nice gentleman..would you Iike me to treat his wounds?” “No Asake,you’ve done more than enough. Please go home now,its getting quite late. And..don’t let the guards see you” “I will..Take care Ma” Asake said bowing courteously.
Ireti pulled off her royal regalia and got to work. She massaged his bare chest and face with a linen cloth soaked in water. “Thank God! His burning temperature has cooled down” she commented even as she poured the ‘agbo’ into a calabash,stirred it and waited for him to wake up. He did an hour later when she was half asleep. After feeding him the ‘agbo’ she also gave him a few spoons of pap and several drugs for fever. Since Ayetoro was a major exporter of cocoa and rubber,foreigners were not really aliens to their indigenes. Most times they brought toiletries,foreign snacks and food items,dugs,furnitures and upholstery for the King.
Simon believed he was dreaming,”How can the Princess nurse me back to health?” He thought to himself. She looked simply divine! She had no jewellery on,but her lips were still brightly aglow thanks to the red lipstick. “I think you should go home..I’m better now..I can take care of myself” he said with much concern in his eyes. “Have you looked at yourself in the mirror? You’re pale and white Sims! I can’t leave you!!” “Then.. where will you sleep? This house doesn’t befit…” “Never mind! I”ll sleep on the mat over there” she pointed at the brightly coloured mat that lay on the left side of the room. “Will it be comfortable?..” “Yes! That way I can be sure you’re good on your bed.Asake brought pillows for us both so it should be. Stop these suggestions of yours and go to bed” she commanded with a smile on her face.”Lord help me!” They both silently uttered as the princess lay on her mat,and the invalid on his bed.
He woke up before the cock crowed and felt dizzy and hungry but was too tired to do anything. After freshening up,he sat on his bed and watched her eyelashes flutter as she slept. “Oh my God! I’m sorry..I forgot to wake up earlier..what an awful doctor I would be!! the palace has spoilt me. Are you alright?” She inquired standing up and touching his face and neck. “You’re much better,I guess its time to prepare your breakfast..and don’t protest! Just lie there and watch me”.
After freshening up too,she mixed a bowl of hot cereal and bananas for him. “I’m sure the last time you took this was in the city” “Yeah,I’ve never had cornflakes in Ayetoro before..Well, I’ve never had any of what I’m having now before” he said smiling. “Mischievous you! sit still while I disinfect this wound on your lip”,she tugged at it gently with soap and warm water,then sealed it over with a paper plaster.Her hands lingered on them for a few seconds. “Who ever knew that these foreign products could be found in Ayetoro?”He thought to himself and coughed loudly for a few seconds. “Eat! So you can take your cough drop”she urged him. “I know its tasteless,but just try” she added even as she held the white ceramic bowl which housed the hot cereal. “If only she knows this is the tastiest meal I’ve ever had” he said to himself with a weak smile on his face.

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