The One I Am Missing

Like whirlwind,
My smiles tossed off everything on its path,
Enthusiastically wanting emotional happiness,
But it wouldn’t come.
It crumbled like a pack of cards,
It couldn’t make it.

My heart went haywire,
Turning everything on its back,
Its love zone warming in emptiness.

But why wouldn’t it come?
The happiness of your love knowing you miss her?

Like the red sea,
The tickling time of lonliness parted my heart,
Jealousy heated its polity with her ‘socery’,
‘she does not love me as I do’
But my thoughts were as useless as my dids,
My focus more on when to say ‘I do’,
Trivalising the red sign of emotional traffic,
Taking up love and jealousy’s cause,
Building thoughts but attention paused,
With affectous love wounds and its pox.

This love is less of muse,
More of missing.
But who would help me tell the one am missing?

4 thoughts on “The One I Am Missing” by silvanus (@silvanus)

  1. ufuoma otebele (@ufuomaotebele)

    Awwww easy, you are missing me.

    I loved loved reading through your” U do’s” and your” I did”

    Nice work.

  2. Good work but noticed some typos like in the spelling of loneliness in the second line of the penultimate stanza.

    A good job anyways.

  3. kaymania (@kaymania)

    Please guys, we need people like you on

  4. kay (@kaymillion)

    Awwww missing me?

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