All in God’s Timing (Pt 3)

Throughout the next day, Labake made a conscious decision not to return Prince Osa’s call. She didn’t want him to think she was desperate, besides she really didn’t know what to say. Okay so they would go through the usual introductions and after that what next? How could she hope for a relationship with a guy that was royalty, so much responsibility rests on his shoulders. Would he really be interested in the little things she’s involved in when he rubs shoulders with movers and shakers. Really she just couldn’t muster up the courage. And she definitely doesn’t want to tell Toke about the call. Her friend would only make her more nervous by pressuring her to call him. She just needs to clear her head and take her time. If he’s really interested, he might call again.

As the thought settled in her mind, her phone vibrated in her cup holder in her car. She picked up her phone and looked at the caller ID. It was his number! Out of panic she pushed the answer button while her mouth hung open; speechless. How is it that as she was thinking of him calling her again he calls?
“Hello?” His voice souded tentative.
“uh uh hello…” Her voice sounded panicky.
“Is this a bad time? I was just following up on my call last night. I can…”
“Oh um yes…. yea…. it’s a bad time. I’m in traffic. Can I call you back when I get home?”
“Oh sure. I’m sorry for catching you off guard. I’ll be looking forward to your call.”
“Okay thanks. Bye!”
And without even waiting for him to reply, she hung up. This is just too much for her. She couldn’t even handle herself properly on the phone. She wanted to jump over all the cars ahead of her and speed home so she could redeem herself. Now what’s he going to think of her?

As Labake hung up, Osa was a bit amused. He didn’t know what to make of the conversation he just had. Should he bother pursuing Labake or should he just let her go? His decision wouldn’t be based on any emotions since he’s just getting to know her. Really it was curiosity that was driving him. He really wanted to know what made Labake tick, and why Toke called her a sight to behold. If he lets go he may never get the answers he wants, and if he did pursue her further, he could be disappointed by the outcome. It really was a gamble. But what if he called Toke and asked her a bit more about Labake, that would help decide his next course of action. He picked up his phone and dialed her number. On the third ring she answered.
“Ossy! How are you?”
“Hey babe. I dey o. You?”
“I’m alright… trying to fix something for dinner. Long day.. long story. So What’s good?”
“I called your friend o, left her a message last night, she didn’t call me back. I just called her again and she sounded a bit flustered on the phone, almost like she wanted to get me off the phone. Is that how she normally is?”
Toke laughed. “Osa… please don’t mind her o. She was probably panicking. Give her some time to come around. After all it’s not every day that a prince calls her phone.”
“Is she a shy person?” Osa had to know.
“She could be shy especially around guys. She’s also very churchy… she was sheltered growing up. She dated once but it didn’t work out and I think it’s left her a bit suspicious of men. Even though she won’t admit it.”
“Wow… okay… hmm interesting. I have a lot of thinking to do. I’m not sure she’s what I’ll call my type.”
“Aaah Osa.. you want to give up? You have to show her you’re serious and make her feel comfortable enough to trust you. What is it with all you men? Y’all want the easy way out.”
“Like I’ve been doing with you and you keep refusing me? Let’s just say I know you women.”
Toke chuckled softly. “Look Osa for real I think you should go after Labake. I have to run now… got a hot date with my egusi and rice.”
“Alright… we won’t go there. Save egusi for me o!”
“Yea I will silly… talk to you later!”
“Yea later! Bye Tokes!”

8 thoughts on “All in God’s Timing (Pt 3)” by Mideo (@oadeoti)

  1. So funny reading about Labake’s panicking!! More plssss.

    1. Thanks for reading! More coming up soon!

  2. Wait ooo the prince has a thing for labake’s friend or.had a.thing for her cause he said she keeps refusing him.

    This.was really light to read.waiting 4 more.

    1. Yes o the prince may have a thing for Toke… let’s see where this goes… Come back for more!

  3. Nice, keep it coming. Enjoying it all the way!!!!!
    Good work.

    1. Thanks for reading!

  4. Miss Labake and Prince Osa abi? It’s simply a good read…quite lucid because of the few characters in the story. Like @LONE & @ufuomaotebele, I’m following and waiting to see how it all unfolds without much panicking on the side of the Miss.

    I believe the story can be better :)

  5. Osa should not dull oo. Labake is his for the taking.
    Nice installment.

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