This world is not simple

Sometimes, I just lie down on my bed and begin to ruminate on issues and experiences. On this particular day, this is what I thought about. It might not pass for a story, but should be an interesting read… enjoy!

There are no simple things in this life. Things are simple because we assume them to be. If we take out time to look deeply, just beneath the facade, we would discover that all issues are just as complicated as some of the complicated models we’ve rejected. Nothing is simple; even black and white, the most natural colours are not so natural if we look deeply. If we take time to examine them, we would discover that the natural colour we call black is made and can be made from a host of other colours, blended together in complex unity. We know this but we are afraid of the complexness of the complexities. We just want to get things over with even when we know there’s more. But even when we ignore, it doesn’t get simplier.

There are no simple things. Simple actions such as a push, a shove or even a playful slap can lead to someone’s death; A simple statement can cause a world war; A simple joke might not be taken jokingly by the person it is played on; A simple mistake can ruin someone’s career; A simple truth… I am not telling you to complexify seemingly simple things; rather, I am telling you to be mindful of them. It is easier to overcome complex issues because we know right from the onset that they are complex and of cause, prepare adequately both mentally, spiritually and physically. But deceptively simple things that turn out to be complex can catch us off guard, causing irreparable damage.

There are no simple things. Nobody lives a simple life. No matter what anybody says, I believe that those who claim to live simple lives have more complicated issues than you can imagine. No pastor would come on the pulpit to tell you that he had a quarrel with his wife, but they do quarrel with their wives – even more often than you think. I do not commonize issues neither do I attempt to simplify them because I’ve been a victim of the simplifying effect lots of times. I am someone who always wonder why things are complex and then try to simplify them. I expect that if I mistakenly step on you and apologize, you should just let it go since it was unintentional. But you see, people can be can be complex and surprising, and their reaction can keep you wondering for days… I have learnt from all my experiences and have stopped simplifying issues. I hope you would do the same.

There are no simple things; Do not make the mistake of thinking that because it is a general saying that “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”, then you can deceive me with food – It is not that simple. Do not be so childish to think that because Emeka prefers rice to beans and beans to yam, then he would certainly, logically, prefer rice to yam; man is not that predictable. Do not let it shock you when you discover that Emeka prefers yam to rice. Yes, it can happen. Perhaps the greatest disservice you can do to yourself, is to think that because someone is slender and light weight (like me), then a fight with that person would end in a T.K.O. My brother (or sister), you might end up disgracing yourself.

There are no simple things. Do not be shocked when your girlfriend (I mean the girl you promised marriage) sends you an invitation card to her wedding and even ask you to be her husband’s best man. It has happened to others; it can happen to you and when it happens, be not surprised, for even those who are legitimately married are not safe. Do not also imagine that because a girl smiled back at you this morning then your “lines” would receive a yes in the afternoon; women are even more complex than spirits or because she has said that she has no boyfriend, then your chances are bright; It is not that simple, her last boyfriend, might have ruined your chances. I am a victim of this particular mistake.

There are no simple things; even the truth is not simple. If there was anything like a simple truth, people would not tell lies. That truth you call simple, can release other simple truths that can cause a chain of unimaginable events and actions. Imagine a woman telling her husband the “simple truth” that their three kids whom he loves so much are not his…? Only a few persons, who live simple lives can tell the simple truth all the time; but like I said before, nobody lives a simple life.

I am not telling you to look at every issue with an eye of complexity, I am only telling you to be mindful when someone promises to tell you the simple truth, or when they promise to put it in black and white, because black and white is not as simple as it seems…

11 thoughts on “This world is not simple” by Vikart (@Avictomama)

  1. I enjoyed my reading ride even though I was wondering as I pondered why you repetitively began your paragraphs with “There are no simple things.” I’m just thinking out loud as I felt you were trying to emphasize your point and make your message well-heard.

    1. I know say your leg must reach this place @innoalifa. The repetition is a literary design (in my mind though). I just wanted to make it…. lol. Thanks for stopping by.

      1. U’re welcome :)

  2. So many things you touched “pastors do quarrel with their wives.” Dis one got me smiling.

    “The way to a mans heart isn’t his stomach”

    “There are no simple tins.” As in how else can put it!

    You mistakenly step on someone, to someone that’s a big crime.
    I use to say why can’t everyone think like me ooo I guess you do!

    Morning reading to start off my day.
    It is well with my soul lol.

  3. Omila (@oriaifo-donald)

    Damn…i even tried to simply read and commend but…there are no simle things!
    I like the title and recently i thought that maybe we shouldn’t see life as simple or complicated; life is just life…
    Okay bye

    1. @oriaifo-donald, I agree with u, life is just…

  4. Life as simply seen often leaves many of us with biased opinions jare.

    Well done!

  5. I lack the right words to describe this piece. Great

  6. You just convinced me. Their is no simple thing. Great thought.


  7. Thanks everyone… @Tai, @Hextophar, @kodeya, thanks for stopping by…

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