The Twins Trouble

She nearly cried out when she saw her precious Nma’s hair scattered on the sitting room and some been played with by one of her naughty twin sons. She has always prided herself for the upkeep and growth of Nma’s hair. It was soft, full and black.  She was always experimenting with her daughter in hair making. Nma, been her only daughter(after their decision to stop child bearing after three boys) is a very pretty, quiet and quick-to-smile girl of two years old.

Blessed thought that she had hidden the sewing materials which she noticed Izu and Ike (the famous and naughty twins)trying to play with them. She never imagined that they would still find the scissors hidden in her basket of knitting things. Knitting and sewing are hobbies she uses to while away time when the boys were asleep.

“What have I gotten with these boys? So this was how Clement and Ephraim(her husband and the brother) were to ‘Ganny'(her mother-in-law’s nickname by the twins) She reminisced over all she had experienced with the twins from the day they started walking four and half years ago. They were fast in their development and she was excited about it not knowing that it comes with a price. What a price!  She remembered when the twins went to make breakfast for her and Clement. The thought of that alone brings goose pimples all over her body. That morning was a confirmation that God is in control and knows why the twins came to their lives (lol) It happened when the twins were two years and eight months old. Till date, she still cannot define the twins whether naughty or lovely in their attempt to prepare cold tea and bread for her and their daddy. When they were cautioned, they innocently played on her that it was because she was carrying their brother in her tummy and could not wake on time, they decided to help her with breakfast. (How mischievous!) The fate of having naughty identical same sex twins.

Meanwhile, she stood shock still without knowing what to do. Her third son Ibeh is the bookworm of the house. At age three and five months old, he reads to people’s understanding. He is classical! He is the carbon copy of my father in-law, Judge Imoke Winfrey.  Ibeh is my father in-law’s favorite child, followed by Ephraim’s only daughter Melisa(the beauty of the family). Ibeh is a quite, studious and caring boy who loves his sister Nma so much. He has made himself Nma’s protector and champion. No one dares beat Nma for any reason. That was the reason why he was deceived by the twins who trimmed Nma’s hair. They told him that she will look lovelier with the hair trimmed.

Blessed came in to see tears streaming down his little face with a woebegone expression. He could not do anything to the mischievous duo after all they were his elder brothers and could out-smart him in a fight.  Nma was virtually unaware of her look and what was going on around her. She had her thumb in her mouth signifying tiredness and was in the verge of sleeping off. Her hair was tattered unequally by the amateur duo.

Blessed could not just imagine how she will discipline the twins as she stood there tired. The sound of the car signaled the return of Clement. Before she knew it, the twins zoomed out to meet their father with their tale of the new art perfected on their sister’s hair(they are now professional barbers) She could hear them from the sitting room chattering away to their father.  Clement was about to hand over the packs of popcorn he bought for them when she screamed ‘Clement Imoke Winfrey, if you dare give those boys anything, you will see my red colors now’. All of them strengthened up and came into the sitting room. Clement smiled as he saw his half sleeping daughter but was confused with the state of her hair and the unkempt state of this sitting room.  He called out to the house help ‘ Nkeiru, Nkeiru, where is this girl? How can she leave this place like this and who did this to my jewel?’ Without getting any response from his wife and the boys, it now dawned on him what the twins were telling him outside by the car. He turned towards them with a shocked expression to behold the twins looking at him innocently. ‘No, no, no, I will not take this from you boys. How dare you do this to your sister?’ he shouted.  Ibeh realised that what the twins did to Nma was very bad and the tears started running down his cheeks without control.



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  1. Sweet..but i would have disciplined them sha…why did,she leave her sewing kit un attended to ….kids are serious biznez o

    1. @Schatzilen, she must have thought that she hid it and offcourse kids are serious biz. You can imagine with twins. Thanks for reading n commenting.

  2. This is good :)

  3. Well, it’s a good story but reading was a bit kind-of. But well done.

    1. Thank you ma. I appreciate your reading, comment n encouragement.

  4. Nice, a little bit jampacked but very interactive.

    1. Thank you. Learning!

  5. God ooh if you are hearing me right now, I want twin kids ooo. Biko.

    Lovely story.

    1. He will grant you the desire of your heart @ ufuomaotebele. Thanks for reading.

  6. This is Really twin trouble.
    Very interesting piece. Keep it up, i love this site.

  7. mendel martha (@ihenyengladysusile)

    they can be troublesome at times but they are very sweet
    everybody loves to have them twins…………

    1. @ihenyengladysusile, you can say that again. Sweet trouble! Thank you for reading and commenting.

  8. good work.. remember the cane. and use it.

    1. Thank you @OCHE@great! She will be forced to start it.

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