Wen you see a great master in the act,
He will arrange you and set you up
Like the trees on the kings boulevard
Make you set like the corn seed
Until your whole body are made ready
Your lips swollen and succulent
You nipples standing like ridges
A thrombing pulsation in between ur labia
And your labiage turn red like rose petals

Your secretions oozing like onion peel
So that a thrust into you is like a journey to heaven
And you wont be left there alone
His arms shall be your guide and guard
Each step will be like a thousand
Till you are made to feel like you are floating
In the crystal ball of crimson flushes

Hearing sounds like of the angels
Mowing, with increasing cresendo
If you are fortunate, he makes you stay up more
And when he brings you back to earth
You are like a new born in adult carriage!

3 thoughts on “Romanticismo” by Babalola Ibisola VABI (@Babalolaibisola)

  1. Some punctuation issues but quite a nice piece generally.

  2. @innoalifa, thanks for reading, and for the observation.

    1. U’re always always welcome @Babalolaibisola

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