Orunmila’s Letter-Episode 9-The Acquaintance 2

Ayetoro Grammar School’s atmosphere was charged with the spirit. The attendance was poor in comparison to that of previous ones, this was a meeting for proposed leaders and workers in the church. People who were no longer babes(nepioses) in Christ were all in attendance. Several babes were also present too, the reverend didn’t restrict anyone from attending,but most people turned down the invite when they found out that it was a teaching program. These ones were after miracles,signs&wonders and not the word. ————“Growth comes from the right application of revealed principles and practices. If one of these two is wrong,the growth will definitely be adverse. God doesn’t want to give you wealth,wives or deliverance. He wants to give you his word in your spirit.” Theo said as he preached energetically. The people were awed at some of the things he taught,they had never heard a man speak with so much power and authority. Matti’s translation was quite slow as some of the things he heard the Reverend say struck him greatly. “You can lay hands! Any son of God can impart healing and miracles through the laying on of hands. Here! Look at this!!” He showed them a practical example with two calabashes. One was half filled with water and the other was empty. “Can this half empty calabash fill up the empty one?” He asked the brethren. “Ah ah..No oh”they answered in yoruba. “So it is with laying hands. One who is half filled with the spirit may lay hands,but there will be no miracle. You have to be filled with the spirit to lay hands” the sermon went on for six lengthy hours.
“Praise the Lord” Bola the lead chorister sang aloud with her sonorous voice. Even as she was ministering,the holyspirit led her to lay hands on ten people.The words “Receive it!” Came out of her mouth as she did this. Lo and behold,the people she laid hands upon began to speak in tongues. People rejoiced greatly at the end of the service .
“Your absence will be greatly felt by us all Sir” “I guess so John,not to worry. They’ll get over it in due time. By the way,you’ll herald tomorrow’s service. I can’t wait to see you in action” Theo said smiling. “Who am I seeing? Surely the likes of you weren’t invited to this meeting too? You sneaked in right?” Alamu asked Simon with a scornful look. He hid both of his hands in the pockets of his adire attire. Simon bothered not to respond to his hateful remark,he just walked past him. “Why didn’t he answer? I doubt this so called ‘healing’ he claims to have received. That Bola is just a wild pig! Why didn’t she lay hands on us? We aren’t worthy of power too abi? We must show her” Bosun complained. “I must confess.. She’s the least of my worries” he replied.
“Asake! How do I look? Is my make up still intact?” Ireti asked self consciously as she swirled around for her maid’s approval. “Just a little bit of lipstick and powder” she replied even as she started applying them on her princess’ face. “You look much better now”. “Oh lord! Please don’t let her come my way”. Simon prayed nervously. She looked angelic,with her pink floral gown and white beads. Her hips swayed gracefully with every step she took towards him.
“Hello there! I’ve been looking for you!! Uhmm..not looking…just wondering where you were”she uttered anxiously and quietly. “Sorry your highness,I was busy with the Reverend” “huh? High? I’m not high oh.. I’m low. Please call me Ireti” “As you wish Ma,will you be here tomorrow?” “I’m not quite sure..why do you ask?” “Umm..nothing really Ma. But we look forward to seeing you” “We? Or you?” “Its we&me Ma” he said smiling.
“It was an awkward conversation. He’s quite shy sha. I’m thinking of asking him to be my lesson coach. Or what do you think? Since we’re both writing the upcoming exams,it should be possible. Daddy won’t refuse since Simon is from church..don’t you think so Asake?” “Great idea my angel! I’m very sure it would work out. But you have to tread with caution” she advised.

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