Orunmila’s Letter-Episode 8-The Acquaintance 1

It was a bright and sunny Wednesday. The sun shone brightly on Simon and John as they exited the Reverend’s premises. They were headed for the palace to deliver a rather urgent message to their King-Oba Ayobami II and their foreheads shone with beads of sweat due to the sunny weather. “Ah ah ah” John blurted out as he started laughing loudly. His shirt was soaked with sweat but that didn’t seem to deter him from being a bit playful. “Huh? Is something wrong?” Simon asked him as he wondered what was funny,especially since they were the only ones on the road. “The sun has burnt you! I must confess you look like an over ripe tomato” he replied amusingly. The two men laughed loudly and this seemed to relieve them of the pain that rocked their knees and feet.
The palace was situated in a rather secluded portion of Ayetoro. It was a very large compound,one of the largest palaces in comparison to other neighbouring villages. After the coronation,it was renovated since the King had accepted a religion that differed from that of his progenitors. The idols and ancient decorations that once adorned the palace grounds and walls were replaced by artistic mosaic designs. Both men were filled with awe as a huge and scary palace guard ushered them into the premises.” I must confess this place looks more beautiful than I expected it to be” Simon exclaimed,and John nodded in agreement. The palace walls were brick red and accentuated with mosaic expressions. Cypress and pollard like trees filled the large compound,they were neatly trimmed and quite large. Ferns also bloomed out of several clay flower pots that graced several places.
“Kaabiyesi o! Your royal highness I salute you!! May the crown forever remain graced on your head and shoes on your feet” the servant said in yoruba language, even as he bowed in respect. “It is well with you good servant, Speak!” He commanded. “Leader John and a certain young man… The one that was once mad..require your audience” “Okay, let them in”.
The sitting and dining area were exquisitely designed with huge chairs,couches and tables. It was definitely the finest in the whole town,and the only house with a talking black box(television set) in the whole town. Servants were positioned in almost every square meter with local fans which they waved rigorously to prevent the royal family from sweating in their hands. The King was seated with his wife on one couch, and his only child and princess on the other. He was a short and brief man with a rather muscular frame. People regarded him as the oldest prince to ascend the throne, he was almost half a century when he got coronated. “Gooday Sir and Ma” John said as he bowed in respect to them both. Simon followed suit.
“I can’t believe this! Am I being paranoid or was she really staring at me? He soliloquised intermittently on the couch where he sat. Earlier on in the palace,he was constantly sized up by the princess-Iretiola. He nodded in agreement to every word John said but truth be told, he heard not a single word. She was tall,dark,plump and beautiful.She wore a puce,polychromed adire attire that suited her voluptuous shape perfectly.Her long hair was matted and engrafted with red royal beads, her neck,wrist,waist and ankles weren’t spared either. She stared at him all through the lengthy meeting and asked him random questions at irregular intervals. Her gazes were weird and raunchy to say the least. “I must be imagining things” he concluded,as the last ball of fufu in the calabash swam down his throat.
“Asake! Asake!! Asake!!!” Iretiola beckoned her maid as though she was far away. “Yes my princess,sorry for the delayed reply. I was arranging the palm fronds outside” she added. “Its no problem at all. I just want your honest opinion on something”, “What my damsel?”. “Is it just me..or did that Simon look like a fallen angel? And he looks so young!..I felt something.. like fire.. shot up in my bones..a weird chill exploded in my veins…. No man has ever made me feel this way… Did you see his eyes? A thousand of our soldiers could get lost in there… Can this be love or infatuation? His foreign vamby pamby look has certainly won me over. No one will ever force me to church ever again!!! Not while he works for the Reverend… ” “Uhmmmm uhmmmm”Asake stuttered transiently. “Its pointless sef. These questions of hers are rhetoric,I just hope she won’t get burnt by this ‘fire’. Does she know that he was once mad? How does that concern me? It would do me more good than harm if she attends church regularly,daily church attendance simply means a change in someone’s wardrobe,and this change implies more unwanted clothes for me” the maid thought to herself,as she smiled sheepishly at the princess’ remarks.

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  1. It was a bright Wednesday would have sufficed and not deploying the two words (bright and sunny). Furthermore, you still need to paragraph well so as to enhance the rendition of your story.

    Well done!!!!!!!!!

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